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Foundation vs. Practitioner

Foundation vs. Practitioner in PRINCE2

Sep 23, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
Foundation vs. Practitioner in PRINCE2

The people who are interested in project management will know that the project management exam has two levels; foundation level and practitioner level. Some people confuse both of these exams to be two different exams, but that’s not true.

Both are different levels of the same exam, and you have to know about the difference between both so that you can get to know about them.

We are here to provide you enough points that will make the status of both levels clear to you. With no further delay, let’s have a look!

Exam pattern:

The significant difference between foundation and practitioner exam is the exam format of both levels. In the foundation level, the difficulty is less than the practitioner level. In the PRINCE2 foundation exam, you are given 60 multiple choice type questions in which you have to give 33 right answers in order to pass the exam. The time duration for the exam is one hour for the foundation exam.

On the other hand, in the practitioner exam, you are given 80 multiple choice questions, and you have to attempt 44 correct answers if you want to pass the exam. The time limit to complete the paper is one hour for the practitioner exam.

Cost factor:

Another most significant difference between the foundation exam and practitioner exam is the cost factor of both levels. The foundation level exam costs approximately £236 in India, and the practitioner level exam costs £389 in India. If we talk regardless of the region, the foundation exam is less expensive than practitioner exams all over the world.

Major differences:

  • In the foundation exam, you only know about the general principles of project management in accordance with the PRINCE2 management methodology. On the other hand, in a practitioner exam, you have to adapt these principles according to the project’s needs.
  • By attempting and passing the foundation exam, you become able to be a reliable member of the project management team, but if you pass the practitioner level exam, you become eligible to handle the entire project by applying principles.
  • In the foundation exam of PRINCE2, you only learn about the basic terminology and phrases used in the project management processes, but in the practitioner level exam, you get all the practical knowledge about the project management processes.
  • You can get enough knowledge about project management and all of its related processes in the foundation exam. On the other hand, if you pass the practitioner exam, you become credible to lead an entire project management team.

Last words:

Summing all the things, it is essential to mention that the PRINCE2 foundation exam is the basic level examination to prepare you for your project management professional career and the PRINCE2 practitioner level exam is to make you ready for serving in the industry to lead the teams and derive successful outputs of the project by using your PRINCE2 principles.

We can say that the PRINCE2 foundation exam is just like plowing the field, and the practitioner exam is just like to harvest the crop and enjoy it.

So, when you plan to take your project management career ahead, you must try to pass these exams to be a certified project manager!

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