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CompTIA Security+ Certification

How Long CompTIA Security+ Certification Last?

Mar 25, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
How Long CompTIA Security+ Certification Last?

Although the CompTIA security + has been good for you to have it for three years right from the date you have qualified for this Certification. As it is a CE (continuing education) program, you can easily renew it. You will be able to extend for an additional period of three years.

CompTIA is one of the members of the group of certifications that are globally recognized ANSI/ISO accreditation status, which will expire after every three years, from the date you have passed it and could be renewed through the CE program.

Why the CompTIA Security+ Certification Expires After Three Years

Adoption Cycle of New Technologies

The IT job comes with continuous change, and it has been understood technology is advancing at a high pace as years pass by. Your Certification requires upgrading yourself according to the technological advancements that will impact the marketplace and continuously change our lives at home and work.

As when you work with an industry partner, you will realize that substantial change occurs every three years. That’s why CompTIA keep on upgrading their exams. So, renewing your Certification will give you the best opportunity to improve your knowledge and information in the IT technology field that will play a vital role in your IT career.

ISO/ANSI Accreditation Status

In order to maintain ANSI/ISO accreditation status, CompTIA is required to come up with a new and upgraded lot of questions after a specific period of time. Keeping the credential upgrade and fresh is quite important because it is proved that CompTIA is adhering according to the IT industry’s standards.

Ways to Renew Your Certification

Even though it is not being required by your employer to upgrade your Certification, keep your credential current and up to the mark because it is not just about upgrading your accomplishment upgraded and fresh, rather it is more about getting ready for grabbing future opportunities in order to grow in your career.

The experience you are gaining over the years might not equal that Certification delivers to you in the form of documentation of your expertise. Certification and experience are quite powerful tools climbing up to the job ladder.

Renewal Option # 1: Training

CompTIA offers aspirants a CertMaster CE Security+ training course that anyone takes online and can use it in order to renew your CompTIA Security+ Certification without giving an exam. Some individuals renew their Certification at least within six hours with CertMaster CE.

Renewal Option # 2: Certification and Recertification Exams

The second method to renew your Certification is by taking up recertification exams, earning higher IT certifications, or qualifying for the latest CompTIA exam.

Renewal Option # 3: Activities

The third and the last option to renew your Certification is to qualify for multiple numbers of activities will get you CEUs (continuing education units) that you need to gather in order to renew your credential. CompTIA requires you to have at least 50 CEUs to be renewed.

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