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PMP Certified Project Manager, PMP Salary

How Much Does a PMP Certified Project Manager Make?

Jan 20, 20194 mins readAmit Masih
How Much Does a PMP Certified Project Manager Make?

Project management professionals are in high demand nowadays. Every sector needs to employ skilled professionals to launch and deliver successful new products and services within the specified time.

As per Project Management Institute (PMI), there will be more than 15 million new project management job opportunities and a more than 40% increase in project-based sectors like finance, construction, manufacturing, and information technology. With an increased demand for project managers, the average salary a PMP earn also gets affected.

A PMP-certified professional earns a higher salary package than a non-PMP. Let us now have a look at the average salary professionals earn worldwide.

PMP Certification Salary


Your country of work dramatically affects your salary package, and you earn a higher salary in a developed country than in a developing country. Average PMP certification salary package according to country:

Country: India Average Salary: INR 2 million

Country: USA Average Salary: USD 112K

Country: UAE Average Salary: AED 312K

Country: Germany Average Salary: EUR 82K

Country: Australia Average Salary: AUD 142K

Country: Singapore Average Salary: SGD 96K

Country: South Africa Average Salary: ZAR 91K

Company Based

Your salary is affected by the organization's size, and the bigger the company, the higher the salary package. 

Average PMP certification salary package by top companies:

Company: Accenture Average Salary: Rs. 743K – Rs. 4m

Company: Infosys Limited Average Salary: Rs. 862K – Rs. 3m

Company: Capgemini Average Salary: Rs. 848K – Rs. 3m

Company: IBM India Private Limited Average Salary: Rs. 554K – Rs. 3m

Company: HCL Technologies Ltd. Average Salary: Rs. 744K – Rs. 3m


Your job title also affects how much salary you will get. Higher positions will fetch you more salary than entry-level jobs.

Average PMP certification salary package by position:

Position: Project Manager Average Salary: USD 60K – 87K

Position: Senior Project Manager Average Salary: USD 65K – 115K

Position: Program Manager Average Salary: USD 79K – 120K

Position: Operations Manager Average Salary: USD 77K – 109K

Position: IT Director Average Salary: USD 80K – 143K

Position: Project Manager Engineering Average Salary: USD 64K – 105K


The project management professional salary increases with experience.

<1: USD 59K – 64K 1-4: USD 60K – 71K 5-9: 70K – 100K 10-19: 90K – 121K 20+: 120K – 150K


IT: USD 120K Resources: USD 132k Healthcare: USD 108k Consulting: 132k Sales/Marketing: 106k


Q. How can you get PMP certified?

A. PMP is one of the most sought-after certifications for project management professionals. It gives you much-needed exposure and allows you to showcase your talent to the world. Your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities increase manifolds. It increases your market worth, and you can land your dream job and demand a higher salary package.

Read more: How do you become a PMP professional?

Q. What jobs do PMP certified professionals apply for? 

A. Some of the most popular job roles PMPs can apply for:

  • Project manager
  • IT project manager
  • IT senior project manager
  • Program manager
  • Software development project manager
  • IT deputy general manager
  • Engineering operations manager

PMP certification is not mandatory for these job roles. However, PMP certified professionals higher than non-certified professionals.

Q. Who is eligible to take the PMP Certification course? 

A. PMP certification is best suited for employees who have knowledge and experience handling projects. The certification is like a badge that authenticates your expertise to handle projects effectively. This accreditation is best-suited for:

  • Mangers
  • Program managers
  • Onsite and off-site coordinators
  • Coordinators
  • Quality assurance managers
  • PMO office representatives

Q. What is the cost of the PMP certification?

A. PMP certification cost is different for members (USD 405) and non-members (USD 555). For members, re-examination fees is also reduced to USD 275 from USD 375.

Q. Are there any hidden costs involved in the PMP certification exam? 

A. No, there are hidden costs involved in the PMP course and exam.

Q. What is the passing score for PMP certification?

A. The PMI does not predefine the PMP exam passing score as each candidate receives a set of questions with varying difficulty levels. Read more: How PMP Passing Score is calculated?

The Final Words

The salary packages mentioned here focus on PMPs' perks in US currency. Also, the figures are not constant, and they keep changing. However, the above stats will give you a glimpse of the high demand for PMPs globally. So, it is never too late to gain this prestigious credential if you meet the required eligibility criteria.

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