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SAFe Certification

Is SAFe Certification Worth It? Let's Find It Out

Dec 11, 20224 mins readAmit Masih
Is SAFe Certification Worth It? Let's Find It Out

SAFe is a popular framework for implementing Agile at the enterprise level; however, selecting the appropriate Agile certification can be challenging for career advancement and accurately measuring one's Agile skills and practices.

Some experienced Agile professionals argue that many certification programs need more thorough vetting, training, and examination requirements and that obtaining a certification only demonstrates knowledge of Agile but not necessarily expertise.

Why should you earn the SAFe certification?

SAFe methods can help companies of all sizes increase their return on investment. Here are four reasons why obtaining a SAFe certification is worth considering:

1. Overcoming agile adoption challenges

Adopting Agile in smaller teams can be straightforward, but scaling it to the enterprise level can pose difficulties. This is because the Agile practices and effective processes in small teams may need to be revised for larger organizations. SAFe training offers the necessary skills and tools to implement Agile across the enterprise efficiently. The skills acquired through SAFe training courses enable you to coordinate multiple development teams, encourage collaboration across departments, and deliver value to customers while keeping in line with organizational goals and vision.

2. Implementation of SAFe with fewer delays and obstacles

Large organizations often have multiple teams and departments using Agile internally. However, when they are brought together, issues such as failures and obstacles may arise. SAFe training provides the necessary skills to implement a consistent Agile approach across the enterprise. With this training, you will be able to guide teams to adopt a consistent approach that improves product quality and architecture, eliminating issues arising from conflicting or misaligned Agile practices. Certifications like Leading SAFe allow the entire organization to use the Agile Release Train to plan, execute and deliver value effectively by bringing multiple teams together.

3. Learn how to adapt to agile environments

Implementing Agile at the enterprise level necessitates the creation of new roles and adjustments to existing ones. Challenges may arise without a proper understanding of these new roles and changes. SAFe courses provide insight into management skills that aid current and new team members adapt to the new Agile mindset and practices. This training enables managers, executives, and product owners to comprehend their roles and the adjustments required across teams at the program and portfolio level, thus eliminating confusion and doubt.

4. A consistent approach

Implementing Agile across an enterprise can only be accessed with proper training, particularly when it comes to maintaining consistency among different departments. SAFe certification provides the skills to establish and maintain a consistent strategy across the enterprise. After completing the training, you will have the knowledge to understand what processes and principles are needed to align multiple departments with the same strategy. SAFe training allows you to communicate your strategy at the program and portfolio levels. SAFe is a framework that allows for consistent implementation of Lean across the organization. These are the reasons why SAFe certification is a valuable investment of time and money. It enables you to understand critical roles, responsibilities, processes, and metrics, allowing you to align multiple Agile development teams without failure.

Is SAFe certification worth it?

Agile frameworks have been around for some time now, but industry leaders believe that instructor-led Agile training certificates can improve an organization's overall environment. Curriculums like Scaled Agile courses encourage a collaborative mindset around Agile methods, instilling a team-oriented approach among development teams. With certification as the end goal, employees are often more invested in the training.

SAFe certification can give a boost to your career and help you understand the complexities of scaling Agile at the enterprise level. SAFe allows large enterprises to implement Agile methodology to their existing projects and enables large teams to work more efficiently.

However, effectively scaling Agile practices to the enterprise level requires some knowledge, skill, and experience in SAFe. SAFe is one of the few frameworks that effectively combine Lean and system thinking with Agile development practices.

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