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Microsoft DP-100 Certification

Leveraging Microsoft DP-100 Certification to Advance Your Portfolio

Aug 02, 20206 mins readAmit Masih
Leveraging Microsoft DP-100 Certification to Advance Your Portfolio

Azure is also one of the industry's best cloud services. There is a simple path to becoming a skilled Azure data specialist. Those who are engaged in a job in the IT industry or those who want to progress career-wise have the best option in front of them.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate or DP-100 is the best choice to start with. This certification confirms the candidate's skills that they can figure with the tools and applications employed in information Science and relevant fields beneath the Azure platform.

Microsoft Certified:  Azure Data Scientist Associate certification also proves that the candidate has the required knowledge and the expertise to perform Azure activities. The typical activities relevant in this context are planning and deploying an efficient and perfect operating atmosphere to execute information experiments, training, managing, and upgrading machine learning models.

Microsoft DP-100 Exam Details

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate- DP-100 is an online exam that can be attempted from anywhere in the world. To attempt the exam, you need to pay $165.

The exam duration is 2 hours, and you are supposed to solve 40-60 questions in this period. The question can be short answers, case studies, mark review, multiple-choice, drag and drop, etc.

The minimum qualifying scores 700 out of 1000. If you fail in the first attempt, you can re-attempt the exam after 24 hours. 

What are the topics covered in DP-100?

This certification expects aspiring candidates to possess the skills to implement information science and machine learning to execute and run machine learning workloads on Azure. This exam evaluates the ability of the candidates to accomplish a collection of various chores within the field of knowledge science and machine learning. These topics and their weightage within the exam square measure are given below:-

• Manage Azure resources for machine learning (25-30%) • Run experiments and train models (20-25%) • Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions (35-40%) • Implement accountable machine learning (5-10%)

Tips to pass DP-100

Microsoft Certified:  Azure Data Scientist Associate certification exam can be cracked by employing the most effective strategies provided by experts in the field. Some steps and measures are mentioned below to assist in preparation for the exam.

• After determining to require the DP-100 exam, visit the official page of the Microsoft DP-100 Certification. All the essential details regarding the DP-100 exam, objectives, and coaching resources are available. Read each provided document thoroughly.  • Focus on the exam objective; this will help you prepare your strategy.  • Obtain basic data of knowledge science technology and prognosticative analytics models. • Practicing is a necessary step to pass any Microsoft certification exams. Register yourself during a coaching course offered by Microsoft before showing up for the important exam. Free online courses or paid online courses will facilitate understanding the exam pattern of DP-100. • The official page provides varied links to resources and study materials that may facilitate steeling oneself against the DP-100 exam. Take facilitate them to know the topics thoroughly. • You can take the help of proxy exams to ensure success in the official exam, too, with a high score. 

What are the Benefits of Passing the DP-100 exam and Earning Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate- DP-100?

DP-100 certification allows qualified candidates to showcase their expertise {information, and knowledge of machine learning and data science to existing and future employers. The certification, in addition, showcases the skills of execs in operations with a multidisciplinary team for coaching, analysis, and preparation of AI models, which can resolve business problems to an excellent extent.

Most important of all, the DP-100 certification delivers credible edges for career development by rising skills in varied ways and best practices related to Azure data science and machine learning services. 

While preparing for the exam, the candidates come to know about various tools and applications of the Azure platform. 

• They learn 'how to run machine learning models by developing distinct work areas' • They get hands-on practice of Execution and run Machine learning workloads on Azure, an active Machine Learning Service • It helps in furnishing the skills to set up and build an operating atmosphere for information science workloads on Azure, run information experiments, and prognosticative train models • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning related data jobs are trending everywhere and in any business. Possession of these certificates helps them get jobs in the IT industry and salaries beyond their expectation. In terms of job prospects and earnings, a certification ends up in a rampant gain in each.  • IT market surges with jobs for those who work with information and utilize Microsoft Azure Services. Candidates having Microsoft certification certifications in their resumes will always be preferred. If you have Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate- DP-100 with you, it will make you stand apart from the crowd.  • Microsoft certification is proof to let others recognize that your skills are real yet validated. This is why the demand for DP-100 is increasing every day. The CV with this gleaming certification can have a colossal advantage.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate- DP-100 Salaries

In surveys, many of those who have this credential confirmed that this certification had improved their earnings. Updating your profile with this certificate can boost your job profile and increase your probability of obtaining a job with a high package.

As expressed by PayScale, the standard wage of certified information scientists with Microsoft Azure skills is some $ 95,102 per annum. This amount is expected to reach $ 10, 100,000 each year as your skills grow.

It is high time to enter this field.

The benefits of being a data scientist are enormous. While reading the above section of the article, you might get an idea about the Microsoft DP-100 certification exam, its information and structure, preparative steps, benefits, and more.

This certification is meant for professionals who perceive information science strategies associate degree square measure intensely concerned in turning into a Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate- DP-100. This certificate will be the best decision to start your career. 

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