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DP-300, Azure Database Administrator Associate

Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate (DP-300) – Everything You Need to Know

Jun 14, 202013 mins readAmit Masih
Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate (DP-300) – Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate (DP-300) – Everything You Need to Know

Why choose an Azure Certificate?

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft-provided cloud computing solution for application management. Microsoft Azure offers Architect Expert certification in building and implementing a solution on Microsoft Azure, which is known for being an agile and transparent cloud service provider. Microsoft Azure transforms business requirements into cloud solutions that are secure, adaptable, and dependable. 

Before we get into the reasons for choosing an Azure career path, it's essential to understand Azure. Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud-based platform at present, and it is an online gateway that enables customers to access and administer Microsoft's various services and resources in one place. Indeed, Microsoft Azure is a revolutionary idea, and some information about the rise in demand for Microsoft Azure could assist in setting the standard for this conversation. 

Microsoft Azure has seen a dramatic increase in demand in recent years, with 1000 consumers signing up day in and day out. All the top companies have already become Azure users or are trying to become one.

Azure database Administrator

Databases are being used every minute in any organization. Indeed, the database management system is not for everyone, but a database may be like a playground for some consumers. Commercial database settings are fantastic tools for businesses of all sizes, and the people who are trained and qualified to manage them are extremely vital components of their teams. Organizations are looking for professionals who can perform data-related activities such as data collection, storage, and management. Azure Database Administrator is one job role that is in high demand nowadays. If you have some plan to enter any reputed company by this path, you can go for the Azure Database Administrator Associate certificate from Microsoft.

What is Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate (DP-300)

The DP-300 is a Microsoft relational database certification test, and completing it can land you a job on a team of innovative, inquiring administrators. Whether or not databases are your specialty, keep reading to see if the DP-300 is an excellent investment to make a good change or progress in your career.

The Azure Database Administrator Associate (ADAA) certification, which you achieve by passing the DP-300, signifies a deep understanding of planning and executing data platform resources using Microsoft's data tools. This certificate holder may provide a secure relational database system, track and optimize operational resources, automate administrative operations, and read and write T-SQL. 

The DP-300 covers a wide range of database administration topics, but the amount of information expected isn't exceptionally high in most cases. To put it another way, while you should be familiar with many aspects of database management before taking the DP-300, you do not need to be an expert. Someone who passes the DP-300 is unlikely to be in charge of large groups of administrators, and instead, they could be hired as part of a team of administrators tasked with keeping huge database setups up and running. 

What is the Objective of DP-300?

The only exam required to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate is the DP-300. For the DP-300, there are seven exam objectives:

  • Set aside time to plan and execute data platform resources
  • Create a secure environment 
  • Create a secure environment 
  • Monitor and optimize operational resources 
  • Improve query performance 
  • Automate processes 
  • Create a High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment
  • Use T-SQL to perform administration

How Much Does the DP-300 Exam Cost?

The DP-300, like all of Microsoft's associate-level exams, costs $165. Because the DP-300 has no prerequisites, you can rest guaranteed that the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate will only cost you $165. 

It's always a wise option to go into certification exams with at minimum some professional education –you might look for reputable training classes and factor the charge of those into the DP-300's overall pricing.

What Experience Do You Need for the DP-300?

Nonetheless, the DP-300 is a difficult exam covering a wide range of database management topics. Although several online courses will educate you on the content, you'll need to pass this exam, and there are still some topics you should be aware of before proceeding with the exam. 

To begin, you should understand the foundations of Azure SQL, such as how to deploy and configure servers and databases. You should understand how to plan and install data platform resources with Microsoft Azure, such as SQL Server in a virtual machine. You should be familiar with the many solutions for securing data in storage or transit. You'll need to understand performance monitoring and the SQL Server sources Microsoft wants you to know for maximum performance. Finally, you should be familiar with query plans and be able to diagnose database design issues, so you perform your job responsibilities well.

Supposedly, the DP-300 can be attempted at any time. You can take the exam whenever and wherever you want because there are no requirements and restrictions. And, unlike some other certificates, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate credential does not require any formal on-the-job experience. 

Who Should Go for DP-300?

The DP-300 certification exam is somewhat specialized and challenging. The DP-300 is for database administrators, data analysts, and data management specialists who need to prove their expertise or work experience. 

The DP-300 is also recommended for anyone who works in a large-scale enterprise firm and would benefit from concentrating on Microsoft database solutions. This certificate mainly helps;

Database Administrator: Database administrators will benefit the most from the DP-300, as they are the ones who are in charge of things like database performance monitoring and backups. 

The DP-300 appears to be an obvious pick if you operate as a database administrator for an organization with a substantial Microsoft footprint. Passing the DP-300 and achieving the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification is another method to distinguish yourself in the crowd and make your resume considerable. 

Employers know that somebody who has earned this credential can be trusted with virtually any administrative work. 

So, if you're attempting to work your way up the corporate ladder of a large group of administrators or get your first job on an Azure team, the DP-300 is a good investment.

Data Management Specialist

Yes, the DP-300 is well worth the money for a data management expert. It's especially beneficial for data management professionals who want to broaden their expertise set and knowledge base to justify a promotion upwards or sideways into more technological accountabilities. The DP-300 exam covers technical knowledge of administering organization databases in the Azure environment, giving a data management specialist much more oversight over the databases they navigate and retrieve data from.

Data Analyst

For many data analysts, the DP-300 is definitely worth it, but a few factors are to consider. First, look into specific certifications that are more concentrated on data analysis and see if you need one hands-on with administration. Learning how to configure and deploy databases, on the other hand, will make you a more skilled and talented data analyst. For a data analyst who wishes to enhance their familiarity and skill beyond the duties and obstacles in front of them, the DP-300 might be worth it. In other terms, you'll be able to dig into a database on your own, access datasets, and gain data that others may not know to look for with the abilities you'll learn while studying for the DP-300. The DP-300 is too technical for many data analysts in many aspects, but there's no harm in expanding your talents.

Is the DP-300 Worth It?

The DP-300 is technical and specialized, but it's well worth it for anyone who works with Azure or runs enterprise database settings. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate is a recognized credential that shows an employer that you're comfortable with the tools and information that Microsoft expects an excellent administrator to utilize.

The wonderful thing about certification examinations like the DP-300 is that they're well-organized and properly structured. As you study for the DP-300, you'll go over all of the skills and knowledge that an associate Azure database administrator should possess. Some of it will be known to you, but most should be fresh. As a result, using the DP-300 to develop skills will not only help you achieve the certificate but will also help you become a better administrator. That's one of the numerous reasons why certifications on a CV appeal to companies.

Validating abilities with the DP-300 is the best path to progress your career and demonstrate that you give importance during those on-the-job training.  Other Key Benefits: Besides the importance mentioned above of DP-300, some other perks make this exam special, 

  • Organizations recruiting for senior-level positions frequently prefer role-based certification for Relational Database Administrators, which makes a scope of being recruited in a reputed company.
  • Applicants will gain extensive knowledge of implementing relational data services in the cloud and working with them using Microsoft Azure services.
  • The IT job market is filled with opportunities for those who work with data and use Microsoft Azure Services. Candidates with Microsoft certification tags on their resumes have a significant advantage.
  • Certification is a way of demonstrating to others that your skills have been substantiated and validated by legit authority.

How to Prepare for DP-300?

Are you planning on studying for the DP-300 Azure Database Administrator Associate exam? 

Let's know more about DP-300 in detail. 

Microsoft has released the DP-300 exam for operating relational databases on Microsoft Azure. This exam is for data scientists, data architects, and application developers who manage data and databases and want to understand how to handle Microsoft Azure's data platform technologies.

Pre-requisites: The prior knowledge of operating systems and virtualization, such as virtual machines, virtual networking, virtual hard discs, SQL servers, etc., will help you get a good score in the exam. 

The DP-300 is the only exam required to acquire the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification. The DP-300 is a 120-minute exam that includes 40-60 questions about database administration at the associate level. Passing the DP-300 demonstrates a thorough understanding of managing on-premises and cloud relational databases, mainly using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure Data Services. After qualifying for the exam, the candidate is eligible to provide services related to SQL VMs, SQL managed instances, SQL DB, DB migration assistant, DB migration service, etc.

Exam Overview

In this section, all the topics are explained well, along with their percentage weightage in the exam. This information will help you in planning and scheduling your preparation. 

Plan and implement data platform resources (15-20%): From this module, you can expect questions about deploying database offerings, configuring deployment templates, and recommending various database offerings based on specific requirements and online and offline migration strategies.

Implement a secure environment (15-20%): You can expect questions about Seamless Data Encryption (TDE), Dynamic Data Masking, object-level encryption, Azure Key Vault, and disc encryption for Azure VMs, as well as data classification strategy, configuring server database-level configuration settings, and performing vulnerability assessments from this module.

Monitor and optimize operational resources (15-20%): Here, determining sources for performance metrics is discussed along with performance-related maintenance tasks, configuring resources for optimal performance, and other performance-related issues are discussed in detail.

Optimize query performance (5-10%):** Fewer questions can be expected from this module related to Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) to gather query performance information and review database table and index design.

Perform automation of tasks (10-15%): Questions from this module will be on creating and scheduling tasks. Creating event notifications for Azure resources, automating backups, performance tuning, and patching are some topics to follow through.

Plan and implement a High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment (15-20%): HADR strategy mainly focuses on RPO/RTO solutions, HADR deployment for hybrid deployments, and testing and deploying HADR strategies using the platform, OS, and database tools. For a Windows Server Backup and recovery Cluster, configure quorum options. This module is likely to include relevant questions on these themes.

Perform administration by using T-SQL (10-15%): From this module, questions will be based on examining the system health using DMVs, monitoring database configuration using T-SQL, manage authentication and authorization using T-SQL.

Study Material for Exam

There are various ways to prepare for this certification. First of all, read the syllabus curriculum thoroughly to understand the concept of the exam. It would help if you always referred to the official website for any information regarding DP-300. 

The primary documents that are available on Microsoft are: 

  • Microsoft Documentation such as course outline, exam pattern
  • Practice tests
  • Instructor lead training is available, which can help you learn the Azure Data concepts with a structured approach.

Exam Retake Policy for DP-300

You do not need to panic if you cannot make your first attempt, and you can attempt the exam again. If a candidate fails the exam on the first try, they must wait 24 hours before attempting it again. If an applicant fails on the second try, they will be required to wait for 14 days. In a given year, an applicant will be permitted a maximum of five chances to repeat an exam.

Tips & Tricks

Before attempting the final exam, there are a few things to understand and sweep through smoothly.

  • Thoroughly brush Azure core concepts, Data fundamentals, etc., before appearing for the exam.
  • Do not forget to revise the concepts before the exam.
  • Take the exam as soon as possible following the instruction because the topics will be clear and concise.
  • As you answer the questions, cross off the incorrect answers and choose the final option.
  • If you encounter any difficult questions, flag them for later and return to the flagged questions after completing the entire test.
  • There are no penalties for incorrect responses, so answer all questions honestly.
  • Take a big breath before diving in, and remember that everyone starts somewhere; therefore, the DP-300 exam is open to retakes. Attempt practice tests from reliable resources as much as you can. You will get an idea about the level of questions. By practicing these tests, you will be able to know your weak and strong points.
  • If you want to ensure success in your first attempt, you can go for proxy exams. 


Businesses deal with many data, moving it back and forth between consumer transactions and internal communication. Relational databases are necessary for a company's data storage integrity. Candidates can learn about on-premise and cloud storage and administration solutions by taking the Microsoft course Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure. DP-300 can be a good investment that will undoubtedly benefit you. 

In this guide, all aspects of DP-300 are explained deeply. You are suggested to follow the words religiously, and soon you will have this certificate in your hand. 

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