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Is PMP Certification Worth It? Benefits and Considerations

Sep 03, 20172 mins readCBT Proxy
Is PMP Certification Worth It? Benefits and Considerations

Before getting into the worthiness of the PMP certification let’s see a brief explanation of it. PMP certification is the globally recognized certification for project management. It is the validity given by the PMI Institute to candidates who clear certain education and professional criteria.

As far as related to worthiness, to put simply, PMP is so worthy that as soon as you put this achievement on your profile, it automatically boosts around 20%-30%.

Now let’s get in some deep understanding of the importance and worthiness of this certification. If you are someone who works or wishes to work in project managing, it is the predominant project management certification for your progress.

When you look for a job, just having this certification on your profile makes you stand out from the other candidates, since this certification is known to give birth to renowned project managers with extreme knowledge of their work. It would be absolutely appropriate to state that it is worth putting the effort from both growth and work perspective.

Now let’s state some more plus points of it.

  • It helps you to perform amazingly at your job.
  • You bring great efficiency to your work.
  • You stand out to all the other Project managers.
  • Since it certifies you as an enhanced project manager, you get more challenging and important projects, which makes your profile looks more worthy to employers.
  • Your work is known to be super professional.
  • Since this certification is recognized in mostly all the industries, you get a large pool to look for opportunities.
  • It is recognized globally and therefore you have better chances to grow internationally.
  • According to many surveys, a PMP certified project manger’s salary is approximately 20%-25% more than the non-certified professionals.
  • It helps you to score promotions and appraisals.

In conclusion, PMP certification does not enhance one part of your professional life. It increases your knowledge, your pay, your worthiness as a professional, brighter opportunity and paves a promising road towards your future.

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