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Study Material for PMP Certification

Popular Study Material for PMP Certification: What You Need to Know

Mar 31, 20195 mins readAmit Masih
Popular Study Material for PMP Certification: What You Need to Know

As a PMP exam aspirant, you always want to have access to various quality study materials to boost your chances of exam clearance. There are various study materials for the PMP certification exam available in the market. And hence it becomes quite difficult to select the best ones. 

One point to consider here is never trying to ape your colleagues’ preparation style. Analyze your requirements and select study material that goes well with your learning style and budget. It is not necessary to invest a huge amount to buy study material. There are various cost-effective and effective sources that you can rely upon, and you can also check reviews of students about these resources before buying. 

But you need not do so much hard work. Here I have shortlisted the best study sources that are bound to smoothen out your journey to acquiring PMP certification.

1. PMBOK Guide by PMI (Project Management Institute)

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide is a great exam preparation reference tool for PMP exam aspiring candidates. It forms the basis of all the study materials that are being created. You must refer to this as it contains many project management-related knowledge. And if you are a PMI member, you will get its PDF copy for free. 

2. PMP Exam Study Guides

These are nothing but PMP exam study books. The topics covered in these are similar to the PMBOK guide but in more simplified language. The concepts explained are easy to understand and learn.

3. PMP Exam Courses

Several online and offline institutes offer PMP exam training and courses. Select only authorized by PMI to get maximum value. These might be instructor-led or self-study courses. You can choose a long-term course or enroll in a boot camp for quick study. Enroll in a course that offers you 35 contact hours, one of the eligibility requirements.

4. PMP Exam Simulators

Free questions are a great way to glimpse the PMP exam. However, if you truly want to analyze your exam preparation level take a sample exam via an exam simulator. These help you know your weaker areas and how much more effort you need to put in. Several trusted PMP exam simulators provide professionally created simulators you can sign up for.

5. PMP Exam Podcasts

Podcasts are gaining popularity nowadays as you do not have to sit in one place to study. You can listen to them anywhere, and some of them offer elaborate training for the PMP exam, including 35 contact hours. These fall under PMI’s distance learning (category F) courses.

6. PMP Exam Flashcards

Flashcards are nothing but short notes that you prepare while studying or buy them. They help you to memorize important formulas, topics, and concepts. The biggest advantage is that you can carry them everywhere and revise whenever you get spare time. Nowadays, you can also access electronic cards that you can use on your phone.

7. PMP Exam Apps

Everyone has mobile access nowadays. And hence, the popularity of app-based learning has increased manifolds. Various apps employ games to teach you complex concepts, and some help you test your knowledge through their question banks. You can explore apps by visiting Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

8. PMP Exam Formulas Study Guides

PMP exam involves memorizing a lot of math-related formulas. These study guides are a compilation of PMP formulas and are a handy tool to learn the formulas. As they contain formulas required for the PMP exam, it becomes easy to recall what you have learned easily during the exam.

9. PMP Exam Lessons Learned

Learning from others’ real-life experiences can add value to your existing exam knowledge. Talk to professionals who have already appeared for the exam. If you do not know, anyone read online about how they prepared for the exam, what they studied, and their exam day experience. 

10. PMI Chapter

You can join the local PMI chapter to stay motivated and focused on your PMP exam study goal. There might be a study group that you can join or discuss with PMPs about their journey to attaining PMP certification.

11. PMP Brain Dump Sheet

A brain dump sheet is a collection of important information to recall during exam time quickly. It is your study tool that you can prepare according to how you find the best. All the key information gets collected in one place, and by referring to it repeatedly, it will be at your fingertips. 

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12. PMP Exam Forums

Forums are the best place to discuss with fellow candidates about their exam preparation and take advice from PMP professionals. Also, the information on these forums is completely free.

The Final Words

You can select any or all from various study materials for the PMP certification exam. However, having access to study material alone will take you nowhere unless you create a study plan and practice regularly. You can also purchase an electronic version of books, guides, and flashcards, and you can carry them on your mobile and take them with you wherever you go.

PMP is a difficult exam to prepare for, and you might lose interest also. So, choose study material that you enjoy, so learning becomes a fun and not cumbersome activity.

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