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Risk Management Training

Risk Management Training: Top 10 Must-know Benefits for Individuals

Sep 27, 20206 mins readAmit Masih
Risk Management Training: Top 10 Must-know Benefits for Individuals

Suppose you hold a certificate in risk management training such as CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls) by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

In that case, it acts as a lifelong badge of knowledge and expertise as a risk-certified professional. Identifying and manage risks involved in the business is a crucial aspect for any organization.

Hence, the demand for trained professionals in risk management is always high. These certificates prepare you to face the challenges involved in an enterprise's IT risk management, authorize your skills of understanding them, and create risk management techniques for the organization to future-proof their business.

This article will discuss the top ten reasons to choose a CRISC certificate for risk management training.

Who should opt for Risk Management Training?

The CRISC certification is one of the best options to gain expertise and excel in risk management and control.

It is best suited for:

  • IT professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Compliance professionals
  • Project managers
  • Risk professionals
  • Control professionals

CRISC Focus Areas

The CRISC exam focuses on the following four domains:

IT Risk Identification: It involves identifying possible risks and threats by analyzing the company's data.

IT Risk Assessment: It involves identifying risks and developing solutions to counter their impact.

Risk Response and Reporting: It involves implementing strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of the risk management solutions for smooth business operations.

Information Technology and Security: It involves monitoring the efficiency of the risk management strategies and how they help achieve business goals.

Top 10 Benefits of CRISC Certification

Getting CRISC certified brightens up your career prospects as a job aspirant and as an employee where you prove to be an asset for your company. The only certificate available makes IT professionals face ever-increasing information and cyber threats, understand business risk with confidence, and possess the technical know-how to carve out appropriate information system controls with strategic planning.

Let us discuss a few perks that only CRISC certified professionals enjoy:

As a Jobseeker

Being a job seeker, have a look at the following benefits that you can avail after taking the course

1. Global Recognized Certified Professional

CRISC certificate is recognized worldwide and gives your resume a gold star rating. Also, you are not bound to work in your area or country. You can apply for job openings in international firms abroad. It, therefore, widens your chances of growing and allows you to flourish globally and be a part of several business organizations.

2. Improved Skillset & Up-to-date Knowledge

An authentic certification helps you to gain practical knowledge to handle information systems and controls. Backed with technical expertise, your ability to recognize risks, plan and execute a risk control strategy, evaluate and manage its functioning increases manifolds. Also, you do not have to leave your current job as it offers a self-paced learning facility.

3. Competitive Edge over Other Candidates

Today there is no shortage of trained people. But not everyone is capable of clearing these high-end exams and gets certified. So, this certificate gives you a competitive edge over your peers with similar qualifications and increases your chances of getting hired manifold while looking for a job change.

4. Salary much above Industry Standards

Risk management training makes you eligible to get a much more salary hike than non-certified technical professionals. Being one of the top ten IT certifications globally, CRISC professionals, on average, earn 300000 to 700000 per year. With experience and considering several other factors, such as your organization type and country, it can go up to 30 to 40 lakhs per year and sometimes even more.

5. Job Safety

Once you get certified, you get access to ISACA's knowledge community and continuing education. You get regular updates about the latest risk management techniques that you can apply for your organization's smooth operations. It increases your job safety as the company does not want to fire an employee with high professional standards who can handle an ever-changing style of cyber risks.

As an Employee:

As a CRISC certified employee, you can enjoy the following facilities:

1. Understanding Risks and help in Decision Making

Employees face a significant challenge while creating a company's business plan directly related to its future success. As a risk manager, you can guide employees with data and possible threats involved and help them plan strategically to meet an organization's goals within a specified timeframe. You can also make them aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their plan and suggest an alternative solution to it.

2. Effective Plan Development to Mitigate Risk

Every department in an organization is vulnerable to risk. As a risk manager, you make the employees aware of the threats involved and plan to tackle them. You can assess risks and develop a practical solution to fight them. Your expertise helps protect the organization from attack as a whole and assist in carrying out individual projects smoothly.

3. Long-term Financial Benefits to the Organization

The value of an organization is much more than the money spent on the maintenance cost of the risk department. The organizations who aim for success understand this truth. As a risk manager, you can spot possible threats and work your way to minimize their occurrence. The likelihood of any such incident gets reduced, thereby saving an organization several thousand or millions of dollars.

4. Helps to maintain Company's Reputation

Some risks can cause harm to the company's reputation and put forth its negative image in front of the public. It not only affects its business but also put a question mark on the authenticity of their employees. A risk manager can reduce its chances of happening, and even if it happens, they can immediately assess and handle the event and prevent the spreading of negative consequences.

5. Improves Communication within an Organization

Effective communication among employees is a must for a company's success. It helps in a proper understanding of the issues and promotes balanced work culture. But it is not an easy task. As a risk manager, you can present a standard risk analysis report and encourage communication by educating employees on how their united work-related habits can help achieve organizational goals and lead to career growth.

To Sum It Up

There! You have it! We have discussed several benefits of risk management training in this particular guide. The list of its advantages is vast and cannot be covered in one place. But after reading this article, you will know how important it is to get CRISC certified and enjoy the perks that can directly impact your personal and professional life.

Risk management certification courses expand your horizons. It not only adds value to your IT career but offers several benefits to the organization as well. The technical knowledge and understanding of real-world threats and the ability to create information system controls are crucial for business success.

If you plan to apply for this exam, you can read the complete guide on the updated CRISC exam pattern. And if you are a risk management professional, do share your experiences in the comments below.

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