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Tips to pass CISM Exam

CISM Exam: Tips and Strategies to Pass the Exam | CBTProxy

May 14, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
CISM Exam: Tips and Strategies to Pass the Exam | CBTProxy

ISACA is presenting a great security management program for the individuals as well as organizations, but the company also designed the certification for individuals who want to be a part of this program. Applicants will successfully qualify the CISM exam in order to prove their professionalism and reliability.

In this article, we have listed some tips to get the best out of pursuing certification and hopefully prepare for a life-changing certification!

1. Read Exam Candidate Info Guide BY the ISACA

Each year, ISACA publishes an updated version of its candidate exam information guide. It provides lots of practical information for the CISM exam. The latest version can be used in order to review important topics like deadlines, exam registration, and key details regarding exam-day administration.

2. Make Good Use the Right Resources

Like any other ISACA’s certification, checking the official CISM Exam Resources must be a priority. The Review Manual, available in e-book format as well as a hardcopy, is easy-to-navigate and comprehensive, as it’s divided according to four job practice areas by CISM: Information Risk Management, Security Incident Management, Information Security Governance, Information and Information Security Program Development and Management.

The CISM Review Manual has important items including self-assessment questions, task along with knowledge statements, suggested resources for an extensive glossary that covers all the exam concepts, and further reading.

3. Take Practice Exams

The CISM manual is available in the market, and it covers each and everything regarding CISM exam content, but there is no alternative to it for practicing questions while getting prepared for the CISM exam.

You should begin practicing by just taking the free fifty question self-assessment from ISACA, and then move towards the official Review Questions, Answers and Explanations by CISM. It is available both as a web-based subscription service or as a hardcopy.

4. Create a Study Plan

While creating your schedule for study, you have to be realistic about your life obligations and work. Try to plan your time of study in conjunction with the times when you can use some material that you are using or during your down time.

5. Clear Your Mind

You can use these tips and tricks in order to clear your mind and keep on stay focused during your CISM exam:

1. Take your time reading the questions

Even though you have limited time for solving your exam, so it is vital to rush. But despite the fact, you just have to pay attention to every question while answering it and make sure that you understand the question rightly.

2. Try to relax

Remember to relax and stretch your muscles during your exam. A relaxed mind will help you solve tricky and difficult questions.

3. Be aware of the time

At the time of the exam, you might reach the highest level of concentration, which means the highest level of focus, which is great for problem-solving, but it might let you lost track of time.

6. Get Involved In an Exam Prep Course

You should decide to go opting self-study approach, which might seem like a bold step as it might not be the best possible decision.

During the preparation phase of your course will make you spend a lot of time with your experienced instructor, which has actual and current knowledge on how to successfully pass the CISM exam.

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