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Tips to prepare for CAPM exam

Tips to Prepare for CAPM Exam

Jul 02, 20173 mins read
Tips to Prepare for CAPM Exam

Project management is a complete new field. With the multiplication and procreation of IT services and IT based companies, this field has been reached to the ultimate heights. The certified Associate in project management or CAPM is a basic or entry level credential for those individuals who are interested in beginning with as project managers or those who are interested in practicing it.

Qualifying the CAPM certification is not that easy. Serious and detailed exam prep is very essential to pass this exam despite of the experience you already have.

If you are keen and dedicated towards passing this exam then here are few rips to prepare for CAPM exam:

1. Use the latest materials:

One of the major mistake that most of the candidates do is to prep from the wrong materials. The Project Management Book of Knowledge or PMBOK is available in its 5th edition and its 6th edition is going to launch very soon. So the students, must have to prepare for the exam from the latest materials. They must also keep an eye on the information mentioned in the introduction and acknowledgement section in the books and on the starting chapters of audio books and course training videos.

2. Have more than 1 reference material:

Students not only study from the PMBOK book, rather they should consult mor then one reference materials as there are any famous publishers are out there available on the internet in form of electronic book and physical books are also available in the market. There are many knowledgeable and good writers are available in their arsenal. So, it is preferable to have more than one reference books or materials. Because it will be beneficial extremely beneficial for the students to see things from variety of perspectives.

3. Set up a study plan:

Students must prepare a proper study plan for the preparation of the CAPM exam. The plan must covers all the necessary activities that will led them towards having success in the CAPM examination. They should try to give 20 to 3 practice exams after every two weeks, even though they have not finished the full exam course and based on according to the adjustment of their study plan. They must try to score 80 to 90 percent in the tests, thus it will boost their confidence level while giving the exam.

4. Form a good study group:

Having a good study group has always been helpful. There are some of the benefits of forming a study group, which includes:

  • You can share project management experiences with eachother.
  • It helps you to attract others to take up the course.
  • It will helps you in in solving questions in the CAPM Exam

5. Communicate with other learners:

There are number of online communities are available out there that are much helpful in guiding you. Online study groups and online forums are ideal places for the aspirants to ask their queries, seek mentorship, raise concerns, and more.


Nowadays there is an increasing demand for the CAPM credential and it will be perfect for you to have such certification in your profile as it adds up value to your profile.

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