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PMP Exam Simulators

Top 5 PMP Exam Simulators 

Apr 14, 20198 mins readAmit Masih
Top 5 PMP Exam Simulators 

PMP exam requires in-depth preparation. As an aspiring candidate, you try to access a lot of study material to prepare well. However, spending time on preparation without analyzing your progress is no use. 

So is there any method that can help you analyze your knowledge of the project management concepts?

Yes, there is one way following which you can track your progress. And it is PMP exam simulators, and they help you practice various PMP exam-like questions with complete feedback on your performance and your current understanding of the exam topics.

Now the question arises what the best PMP exam simulators are?

There are many, and I have selected the best ones for you and provided as much detail as possible to help you save your time choosing the best PMP exam simulator.

1. Master of Project Academy PMP Exam Simulator

Price It offers a monthly subscription plan for an online exam and costs only $45. Also, they offer a lifetime membership plan for $100, and it is the most significant advantage over other simulators. While studying, you have to bear study material costs and exam fees. So paying for simulators increases your study cost. However, you can have unlimited access to practice tests with a lifetime subscription.

User Interface & Key Features

  • You can access the online portal soon after making the payment. 
  • No technical skills are required to use it.
  • No need to install any desktop software.
  • Questions are listed vertically on the web page.
  • The font used is bold and is easy to read without straining eyes.
  • Choose the correct answer using the slider button with your mouse.
  • Submit by clicking the finish button.
  • Questions attempted with correct answers are displayed.

Content Quality The simulator offers real exam-like questions for practice and follows the guidelines mentioned in the PMBOK. There is no irrelevant content, and also the answers to questions are given in an easy to understand language. It helps you understand the concepts more and the logic behind selecting a particular solution.

2. Prepcast PMP Simulator

Price It offers a three-month subscription at a rate of $139. Once your three-month package is over, you have to renew it by paying again. Compared to the previous simulator, it does not provide a monthly subscription plan which is the only drawback. However, it provides an array of good questions that justifies the price they charge.

User Interface & Key Features

  • The simulator opens in a small window and displays only one question at a time.
  • The font used is small and hence a little difficult to read.
  • Questions can be marked to be reviewed afterwards.
  • Upon exam completion, answers with their explanations are displayed.
  • With each answer, a reference to PMBOK is given for in-depth details.
  • The simulator offers an exam in three modes: mode 1: hints to questions are shown, there is no time limit to complete the test, mode 2: shows tips but with a time limit, and mode 3: offers a real PMP exam-like experience.
  • Separate exam on ITTOs.

Content Quality The question quality is quite good but not at par with the industry standards. Candidates who have opted for this simulator have mixed reviews. Some reviews have highlighted that answers have a good explanation, and it is easy to clear your doubts during the final stage of your PMP exam preparation. However, some have a different viewpoint. All questions are not based on the PMBOk format and are not similar to the PMP exam pattern.

However, the Prepcast PMP Exam simulator is worth the money spend, and you can consider it when selecting an online PMP exam simulator. 

3. Rita Fast Track

Price This simulator offers 6-month and 12-month subscription plans for $259 and $299. There is no monthly subscription plan which is the biggest drawback with this simulator. The quality of questions is quite good and above-average; however, the price is too high.

User Interface & Key Features

  • The questions are displayed in an entire web page layout.
  • Only one question is displayed on the screen at a time, and you have to click the next button to move to the next question.
  • You cannot navigate through questions at once and skip the ones you want to.
  • A few extra buttons are there to highlight the text you want to focus on and strike through the unneeded text.
  • Upon completion result with an in-depth explanation of the answers is given.
  • A graphical report about your performance is also given.
  • Offers questions and answers in Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese languages also.

Content Quality Rita Fast Track simulator offers around 1600 practice questions of high quality. A few user reviews have mentioned that all the questions do not follow the PMBOk guidelines and are not relevant to the PMP exam, and this might be not updating the question bank for a long time as per the latest PMBOK edition.

You get correct answers with explanations and references to the PMBOk guide at the end. Also, a test report is given, which shows your topic-wise score, and it helps you know in which domain you lack and need to put in more effort.

4. EduHubSpot PMP Exam Simulator

Price This exam simulator’s price model is unique. They do not offer membership but have four test modules, and each module costs $14.99 and contains 200 random questions. You can buy one or all the modules, and each purchase remains valid for three months from the purchase date.

One separate module having 275 questions covering all the PMP exam topics is also available. The advantage here is that you have the liberty to buy only the amount of questions you want to practice. There is nothing fancy about it, yet the stuff you get for your paying price is okay.

User Interface & Key Features

  • Only one question is visible at a time on the screen.
  • The interface is simple and easy to navigate.
  • Questions can be marked for later review.
  • The test timer can be paused if required.
  • Option to attempt questions of a specific knowledge area or complete a module.
  • Upon completion, the scorecard displays the result of each process group.

Content Quality The majority of the user reviews state the quality of questions, answers, and explanations of average quality. Many believe that the questions are not as per the PMBOK guide. So, do deep research before making any purchase from this simulator.

5. PM Training Practice Exams

Price This simulator offers access to 1000 questions for $68 for three months. The price is quite reasonable, yet you should consider other factors before making any purchase.

User Interface & Key Features

  • The simulator opens in a small new window.
  • Questions and answers do not fit the window, and you need to scroll down to see the options and previous and next buttons.
  • There are two modes; mode 1: you attempt all questions and get the result, mode 2: you can see the answer and explanation to each question.
  • The whiteboard option is available in a separate window to take notes and do math calculations.
  • The test can be saved and resumed from the point it was left later.
  • There are 10 Knowledge Area tests and 20 tests having random PMP exam questions.
  • The number of questions is limited in each test, and you have to attempt many tests to practice the questions.

Content Quality The questions’ quality is above average, and a few online reviews have also reported errors, spelling, and grammar mistakes. If you want a list of questions, answers, and explanations to practice, you can ignore the errors as long as it fulfil your need.

The Final Words

Here I have reviewed the top 5 PMP exam simulators to make the selection process easy for you. However, there are several others also. Before buying any of them, do compare all of them thoroughly.

There are various factors to be considered like price tag, number and quality of questions, type of feedback provided, and ease of using the web interface.

If you think a simulator with a hefty price tag is the best, it is unnecessary. The high cost might be due to the maintenance of the online portal. The primary thing you should focus on is not compromising the quality of questions and answers, and the rest of the factors are secondary. 

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