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AWS Certifications

Top 6 Reasons Why AWS Certifications Are Worth It: Guide 2021

May 02, 20215 mins readAmit Masih
Top 6 Reasons Why AWS Certifications Are Worth It: Guide 2021

Cloud computing is the new normal. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the cloud computing trend has been on the rise and has opened a lot of work opportunities for cloud experts.

At this point in time, if you're willing to wear the hat of a certified AWS professional, it's never too late to start your career with AWS certifications.

Small startups to giant companies, including NASA, Airbnb, Netflix, and General Electrics, to name a few, use cloud computing services.

Having said that, earning the AWS certifications will add an extra layer of expertise, credibility, and growth to your IT career.

This guide discusses the top 6 reasons why you should get AWS certifications and why AWS certifications are worth it in 2022.

1. For IT professionals, expertise in cloud computing is a must-have

Cloud computing is indispensable for IT professionals, making it one of the main reasons why they deserve AWS certification in 2022. Over the years, small and large enterprises have shown great interest in implementing cloud technology.

The new generation of revolutionary technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are moving every possible industry to the cloud. These cutting-edge technologies -of course- demonstrate an important role in choosing cloud computing.

Therefore in today's time, getting such expertise in cloud computing, especially AWS services, has become one of the requirements. Not only this, earning an AWS certificate in 2022 is a must if you want to attract attention among others.

2. The AWS Certified professionals are in high demand

Career advancement is important. What can more excite you than getting hired first in the line?

Around the globe, finding IT professionals with AWS certifications has become a challenge for employers. Certified AWS IT professionals are high in demand, says the Indeed report.

The report also mentions that about 60% of cloud computing job postings require AWS certifications. 

This directly indicates that AWS services are in demand and will also be there in the future. According to a report AWS-commissioned, by 2025, the demand for cloud skills in APAC is expected to triple. 

3. AWS is widely used in cloud adoption

AWS certifications are not less than any IT certifications. Over the years, AWS has collected a large number of eyeballs, becoming one of the significant IT credential providers.

Another compelling reason for taking the AWS certifications is that AWS controls around a third of the Infrastructure as a Service (laaS) market. Amazon Web Services (AWS), apart from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure, is a well-known name, offering a wide range of IT certifications, including cloud and networks.

Many IT experts believe that in the coming years, we will be able to witness exceptional growth in AWS certifications. 

4. There is increased cloud migration to AWS

Many small and big, well-established organizations worldwide are migrating to the cloud. If we see some reports and analyze the data, we can say that the number of companies using traditional IT infrastructure is now decreasing from 77% in 2015 to 43% in 2018.

It has also been confirmed that the growth rate of the global public cloud services market is expected to grow by approximately 20.4% in 2022. 

Not all companies migrating to the cloud, and those that decide to migrate at some point, do not have cloud professionals who can tackle the time-consuming and complex tasks.

There is still a vast need for qualified cloud experts. 

5. AWS skills pay well

There is no need to mention that AWS skills are in high demand, and companies around the world offer lucrative packages.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate professionals' salary is more than the average salary of the top 15 IT professionals, earning about $121,292.

In some prominent areas such as Austin, Boston,Washington and San Francisco, the average salary rate is higher by 25%. 

Although, just after getting a copy of your AWS certification, it is not likely to reach this much of a salary hike. There are many factors, such as your location, your experience, and your additional skills, which may affect your salary rate. 

6. AWS certifications build trust 

AWS needs no introduction. Over the years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the world's leading IT certification providers. Owning an AWS certification is a sign of pride, showing your expertise, dedication, and effort to reach this level.

Having the badge of a Certified AWS Professional lets your employers know that you have gone through solid training and have the ability to design, implement and deploy the assigned tasks successfully.

So, with all these attractive benefits and recognition, we believe you won't make the mistake of overlooking the significant value of AWS certificates.

The final say

Undoubtedly, AWS certification is a great advancement in your career. AWS is constantly expanding its reach and dimensions, creating a huge number of opportunities for cloud specialists.

In the modern age of technology, cloud computing IT professionals are the need of the hour. Therefore, don't hold yourself back from getting a certified AWS certificate.

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