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PMI-ACP Eligibility Requirements

What is PMI-ACP Eligibility Requirements?

Mar 12, 20173 mins read
What is PMI-ACP Eligibility Requirements?

Do you realize the term PMI-ACP? Or on the other hand, would you say you are the person who is listening to it for the absolute first time? It is a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) registered Program Management Professional course done to improve agile management skills and general practices.

After getting to know the mentioned terminologies, many concerns emerge. Can you work in an area where you routinely utilize one or more agile methods? Have you both general project expertise and agile project expertise?

Suppose you want to get your very own PMI Agile Certified Practitioner credentials, and one of these situations are applicable to you. In that case, you might be wondering at the moment how you can say if you are eligible for the PMI-ACP ® exam or not.

Eligibility Criteria for Different Sectors of PMI-ACP

But you’re still quite uncertain over whether you should take the PMI-ACP exam on your skilled to-do list?

You only need to adopt the easy approach described here to see whether you are currently qualified for the PMI-ACP test. Since PMI-ACP Eligibility criteria are structured to ensure that the qualification is matched with knowledge and instruction in agile methods in project management. But what are the conditions for PMI ACP eligibility?

In the case of PMI-ACP certification, you have to pass eligibility requirements. The specifications for PMI-ACP can be outlined as follows:

Academic education

You are qualified for the PMI-ACP Test for a Secondary Degree (a high school certificate, associate degree, or global equivalent). Offer the specifics of your academic qualifications, i.e.

  • The name of the school,
  • Your graduation year and
  • Major subjects you opted for

General Project Experience

You must have 2000 hours (i.e., one year) job experience on project teams for general project experience. All must have been accumulated in the past five consecutive years before submission.

In case you have been approved with a PMP ® credential, you already meet the cumulative project expertise, and PMI ® does not validate that again.

The crucial thing to be grasped here is that the project’s general experience does not indicate you require experience with project management. This ensures that even though you are part of the project team contributing one year to its activities (such as Development, Testing, QA, UI design, database tuning, etc.), you fulfill the requisite expertise.

Agile Project Knowledge

You need 1500 hours (i.e., 8 months) of agile project knowledge. It’s an understanding of operating with an agile squad. In the last three years, this knowledge must have been acquired. In addition to general project expertise, agile project expertise needs to be registered.

Agile Processes Training

Offers 21 hours of Agile Project Management Instruction with subjects including agile theory, techniques, concepts, and practices.

Approval and Eligibility Response Time

PMI will review and reply to your application within 24 hours of submission. After accepting the submission, they would give you an invitation to pay for the test and arrange it. You are then qualified for the test for one year after the application has been approved and can take up to three (3) times within the eligibility span.

Contacting Customer Care

If you have any questions regarding your qualifications, please contact PMI’s Customer Service department. They have professional and friendly workers who can address your questions comfortably.

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