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PMP Certification

What is the Smartest Way to Study and Clear the PMP Certification?

Jun 02, 20195 mins readAmit Masih
What is the Smartest Way to Study and Clear the PMP Certification?

PMP is not an easy exam to prepare for and pass and is a challenge. If you wish to win this challenge, you have to work on your study methodology and your behavioral commitment. To clear the PMP certification in the shortest possible time is a challenging task. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to prepare for the exam not only if you want to prepare for it quickly but also if you have enough time for the exam preparation.

Behavioral Commitment

I can do Mindset:

Mindset plays an essential role in making your dreams a reality. With a strong and positive attitude, you can achieve anything. So, the first step is to get rid of all the negative thoughts:

PMP exam is too difficult to pass. There is a lot of competition. It isn't easy to pass on the first attempt.

Instead of repeating these statements, replace them with the following ones:

  • All exams are difficult without preparation. PMP is one of them.
  • I can achieve anything if I do hard work with total commitment.
  • Even if I fail, I will analyze the cause behind it, fix it, and restart.
  • There are so many PMPs. If they can do so, could I.

Staying Motivated:

If you are determined to pass the PMP exam, the first step is to identify activities that help you stay motivated throughout your exam preparation journey. Select motivational activities that resonate with your goal and remind you about the result whenever you indulge in them. It could be listening to a motivational speech, reading a book, doing any physical activity, etc.

Remain Focused:

Do you often get distracted? Do you waste too much time on social media? Do you often indulge in multitasking and get lost? Several factors can cause distractions.

So, to remain focused on your goal, you can follow these steps:

  • Identify what you want to achieve.
  • Detach yourself from distractors.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Play meditative music (optional).
  • Take regular short breaks.
  • Do stretching exercises.

These are only a few examples to help increase your focus. You can use any technique at your convenience, and your primary aim should be to focus on your goal so that no one can distract you from achieving it.

Actionable Steps you can take:

Set your objective. Write down on a card or paper how many days you want to pass the PMP exam. Read it daily to stay motivated.

Identify the impact of your preparation. Identify people like your family members, co-workers, and mentors who might be affected by your study plan. Discuss your schedule with them beforehand.

Identify risks. Never imagine for the plan to get executed the way you decided. You can face issues in your personal and professional life. For example, you might need to work overtime, face any health issues, etc.

Make assumptions. Make a list of activities you will do or not do during a set period. For example, not touching your phone, checking emails and notifications during study time, arranging a separate study space, and keeping in touch with the mentor for doubt solving.

Prepare a study plan. It depends on your expertise, learning abilities and style, and time availability. You can go for online, self-paced, or classroom coaching as per your requirement.

Study material selection. There are various free and paid sources available online for the PMP exam preparation, and not all paid stuff needs will be of high quality. 

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PMP Exam Study Plan

Studying according to plan helps you achieve your goals. Here I have covered a few essential parts of the study plan that you can modify as per your needs.

Time Requirement:

After committing to PMP exam preparation, how much time do you need to prepare? 

The answer to this is quite simple. 

The number of study hours varies from person to person. Some have excellent grasping power, and some are slow learners. No one knows about your efficiency better than you. 

Here are a few questions that will help you understand how much time you need to prepare for the PMP exam.

Does your educational qualification match the exam eligibility criteria? How much project management experience and knowledge do you have? Answer these questions before you prepare a timetable to study for the exam.

Select Study Time:

Everyone cannot study at the same time. A working professional’s study routine will be different from a student's. Also, you have to analyze your productive time. It can be early morning, afternoon, or at night. Experiment with different timings and find the time during which you are most effective. Fix that time for studying.

Set Deadlines:

Working without deadlines can delay your goal achievement. Create weekly deadlines. It is not always possible to achieve 100%. However, you should try your best to meet the weekly targets. If you cannot achieve milestones after trying hard, you must identify where you are lacking and what measures you can take to get things done. Time management is not only about creating a daily schedule; and it also involves tracking your achievements.

The Final Words

If you are sincerely interested in clearing the PMP certification exam, you must work on your behavioral aspects and study methodology. Both complement each other. 

A proper mindset with a strong focus will remain motivated and helps you move forward towards your goal. An adequately created plan that includes identifying your strong and weak areas, risks involved, experience level, time availability, challenges involved, and resources required for preparation will help you stay firm on your path.

So, follow these tips and develop a do-it-now attitude if you wish to achieve your dream.

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