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ITIL Foundation Exam

Who Should Choose the ITIL Foundation Exam: A Guide for Aspiring IT Professionals

Nov 12, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
Who Should Choose the ITIL Foundation Exam: A Guide for Aspiring IT Professionals

The ITIL foundation certification can be qualified by doing self-study, classroom or online. In the field of information technology service management, the main role of ITIL foundation credential is to approve that you have the gain all the information and knowledge about the ITIL structure, terminology, and the basic principles of best ITIL practices for the purpose of IT service management.

The ITIL foundation credential is created as in order to introduce ITIL 4, and the enables the IT professionals or candidates to oversee the Information technology service through the end-to-end operating model for the designing, continual improvement of technology, and delivery of products and services.

This ITIL certificate is the primary goal is:

Individuals who acquired basic knowledge about ITIL framework and wanted to amplify Information technology service management in the entity. Information technology professionals who want to adopt and adapt ITIL to make improvement in the IT service department in the Organisation.

The ITIL certification may help:

  • Individuals who want to gain a basic understanding of how ITIL could be used in order to amplify the Information technology service management.
  • Individuals who require to have an understanding of the ITIL framework
  • Information technology professionals or other individuals working within an entity that has gained ITIL certification.

However, this certification will be beneficial for anybody who is having an interest in information technology service management.

It could also benefit the IT Managers and Directors, IT service manager, Business Manager, CIO’s, Service support engineers, Business Process Owners and Technical support engineers. Moreover, this certification is open to anyone and could benefit anyone who is interested in any of these subjects. Once the candidate acquired this certification, he or she will be awarded both of the two credits and the certification.

ITIL Foundation credential aspirants will have a basic understanding of the following mentioned below:

  • The basic guidelines and key principles of ITIL credential.
  • A holistic approach to the facilitation of co-creation of value with customers and other stakeholders in the form of products and services
  • The 4 key dimensions of Information technology Service Management
  • How ITIL knowledge and best practices described in this certification will determine the importance and the value provided by the new ITIL processes, and at the same time expand to be integrated to different areas of Information technology and service management from demand to value.
  • Core concepts from DevOps, Agile, Lean, and why these are vital in order to deliver business value.

ITIL Foundation training

Usually, in the classroom training of ITIL foundation credential lasts up to two and a half days and the exam will be taken at the end of that training or it depends on the training provider that when will the trainer takes the test. The ITIL aspirants have had the option to choose the other format of training such as online or long-distance training, or he can also do self-study for the exam.

In order to take up the ITIL exam, there are no perquisites required.

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