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CISA certification is one of the most prestigious certification exams to validate your ability to audit, control, supervise, and analyze your company’s IT and business systems. The CISA certified professionals are responsible for the smooth IT and business operations of an organization. They analyze the threats faced by IT assets, how assets are managed, the implementation and audit of threat mitigating strategy. They ensure that the strategies are in sync with risk management, evaluate audit results, and provide suggestions based on their evaluation. CISA certification is best suited for IT auditors, audit managers, consultants, and security professionals. It is globally recognized by employers while recruiting candidates for IT audit and security information positions.

The domains covered in this online exam are the information systems auditing process, governance and management of IT, information systems acquisition and implementation, information systems operations and business resilience, and protection of information assets. Each time the questions are new or modified to judge the natural talent. So, to pass, it would be best to opt for a proxy exam and avoid brain dumps as the answers you learn might be incorrect or not up-to-date. And because of this, you might not be able to clear the CISA exam and lose your exam fees as well. To get the certificate, CISA applicants must have work experience in the mentioned practice areas within five years of passing the exam, pay an annual certification maintenance fee, follow ISACA’s continuing education policy, and complete a minimum of 20 CPE hours annually and 120 hours during three years. This certificate, along with your education and work expertise, offers a competitive edge over your peers and increased workplace credibility.
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Select Your Certification
Select Your Certification
Select the certification you want to apply for from a vast list of certificates.
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Connect with us
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Exam Scheduling
Exam Scheduling
Now comes scheduling, which you can do by your own or our team is happy to help.
Passing the Exam
Passing the Exam
On the big day, sit back and see the magic of you passing with flying colors.
Pay the Fee
Pay the Fee
Once you receive the confirmation of passing, kindly pay us for our efforts.

Good you have decided to go with the services that will make your journey smooth. You can sign up or contact us on WhatsApp, or Telegram or send your queries via email. We recommend connecting with us on WhatsApp for fast and around-the-clock responses.

Good you have decided to go with the services that will make your journey smooth. You can sign up or contact us on WhatsApp, or Telegram or send your queries via email. We recommend connecting with us on WhatsApp for fast and around-the-clock responses.

The ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam costs you $575 if you are a member of ISACA and for non-members the cost will be $760.

The ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam four hours.

The ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification exam contains 150 multiple-choice questions. The candidates will have four hours to complete the CISA exam.

To pass the CISA certification exam, you will have to obtain at least a score of 450 or higher.

The ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam is administered under supervision, which is both online and offline, and is proctored using your webcam or instructor.

Of course, it is safe. ISACA proxy is the safest and most guaranteed way to pass the ISACA exam and help you reach your goals. It is done by certified trainers who have been doing it for many years and we have never received a complaint or issue. The feedback we have received so far has been positive and happy.

It is the opposite of expensive. Both your pocket and your profession will benefit from this decision. If you decide to go ahead with our services, you will pass on your first attempt and you will only have to pay the ISACA exam fee once. However, if you decide to the contrary, you will have to pay the examination fee again and again. Plus, with our "pay after you pass" policy, you get confirmation that we won't take your money as a joke. If you pass, then only you pay us.

What Makes CBT PROXY Different

CBT ProxyOther
Payment terms
Our payment term/policy, “Pay after you pass” is one of the best you can get. We only take payment if you pass the certification.
Payment terms
There are so many scams now a days which asks for payment first and then vanishes with your money, sliding you into utter sadness.
Market Leader
We have been in the business for a long time, always presenting the clients with success and nothing else. Also, from the day we have entered we have been only in the proxy business, making us the most old and skilled in the industry.
Market Leader
Many vendors have entered the proxy business after been a terrible failure at the dumps business and other. And since they were reliable on the dumps in the past, they have been doing the same now as well serving the clients failure and nothing else.
Passing Surety
We have a 100% passing ratewhich can assure you that you have a very bright future full of opportunities. But still for the satisfaction of the candidates, we have generated a policy at our office of not leaving the client’s hand until he has succeeded.
Passing Surety
There is no passing guarantee given by the vendors of the dumps and other vendors.
As mentioned above, we do not leave the client’s hand until the destination of this process.We are there even for the smallest issue 24*7 (and for the happy and cherishing moments too).
Many vendors do not provide full support and even vanishes with your hard-earned money in between the process.
Money Back Guarantee
We have the best money back guarantee ,
which is:

we do not return the money,

because we never take the payment until you have a confirmation of passing the exams. And hypothetically, if you fail, we are happy to pay the exam fees of your next attempt.
Money Back Guarantee
A lot of scams are going on nowadays where they ask for the payment before the service is even provided. And once received the money they just vanish away or stop replying. Another case of dumps is that even sometimes they provide the dumps in return for your money, they never give you the guarantee of passing the certification, which is a very high risk you should not be taking.
Why Us?
Payment after Passing
We have complete confidence that we can guide you to get your dream certificate on the first attempt only. Then also, if you fail, we will pay the full fee in your next shot.
24*7 Support
Our motto is to develop long-term trust and relationships with our clients. Hence, you can reach us round the clock from anywhere to get your queries solved.
100% Secure & Confidential
We take top-notch security measures to keep your personal information confidential forever as we know how risky identity leaks can prove to your career growth
600+ Certification Portfolio
We have a vast selection of 600+ certification portfolios to choose from, and you can find everything you are looking for under one roof only.
Experienced Team
We have been working in this field since 2016 and have a 100% success rate. And the credit goes to our subject-specific dedicated team of experts.
Quick Response
We value our and our clients’ time. So, our response time is relatively high, and we make all efforts to give you a prompt reply.
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