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CISA vs. CISSP Certification

CISA vs CISSP: Which Certification is Right for You?

Jun 24, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
CISA vs CISSP: Which Certification is Right for You?

There are many professionals who want to pursue both of the certifications CISA and CISSP. So, it is vital to understand their differences as well as similarities between these two certifications. However, both of these certifications serve to information systems. In contrast, CISSP takes care of security issues, while a CISA focuses on auditing responsibilities.

Now we elaborate on all the differences between the two in order to get to a clear understanding of which one of them you should go for.


CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. It is a certification that is being offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2). It is specially designed for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workers working in the sector of Information. This certification belongs to the industry of IT. It is considered as one of the top certifications in the area of data security.

Whereas CISA stands for certified information auditor. It is basically an auditing certification that is being offered by ISACA (information systems audit and control association). It enables professionals to audit IT or IS function. This certification is regarded as one of the gold standard certifications in the sector of Auditing It systems.


CISA is considered as much technical as compared to CISSP. In comparison, CISSP is mostly regarded as the most challenging and technical credential for even those who already have experience in the IT field.

Targeted Audience

CISSP certification serves a variety of security professionals like Security Analyst, Security Systems Engineer, Security Manager, Security Consultant, Security Architect, Network Architect, and Chief Information Security Officer, among others.

CISA is designed explicitly for Auditors, IT Consultants, Privacy Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Information Security Officers, Security Engineers, and Network Administrators, among others.


CISA credentials can only be obtained if the candidates have a minimum of five years of prior experience in the industry of information systems auditing, security, and control. Moreover, CISA examination could also be given without the required experience, and the CISA aspirant can then acquire the required experience either within the five years right after the qualifying date of the exam or within ten years from the date on which he or she submits the exam application.

Whereas CISSP credential requires having at least five years of experience in two or more domains out of eight fields of the CISSP certification standard body of language.


The average salaries for both these credentials are very high. However, CISSP professionals often got a higher pay package as compared to CISA.

According to PayScale, the average salary for certification of CISSP is 107,000 dollars per year, whereas the average salary for a CISA credential is 99,000 dollars per year.


Altogether, when it comes to CISA and CISSP, no one can compare both of the credentials in terms of the benefits they hold. Opting one majorly depends upon the objective that an individual wants to achieve. Professionals working in the field of Administration or IT Security Management domains must choose for CISSP. On the other hand, those interested in the auditing field must go for CISA certification.

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