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PMP Certification Cost

PMP Certification Cost: A Detailed Breakdown | CBTPROXY

May 13, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
PMP Certification Cost: A Detailed Breakdown | CBTPROXY

If you have been struggling to get AWS professional certification, you must know about the entire process. Knowing about the process details is more than important so that you can prepare for the exam accordingly and give your best in the exam!

Because it is the ultimate achievement to make your AWS domain expertise more credible, we are here to help you learn about the whole process. Without any further delay, let’s get into it and iron out the details about the AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification Process.

The Exam Fee

The PMP exam can be taken in two forms: either in paper-based Test (PBT) or computer-based test (CBT), but the exam fee is the same for both of them that is 555 dollars. You will be able to give the exam three times in total if you might have had not qualified the exam in your first attempt, but the succeeding attempts cost price will be 375 dollars for each re-examination.

PMI Membership

If you become a member of PMI, then your exam fee will be dropped from 555 dollars to 405 dollars. And the re-examination fee will be reduced from 375 dollars to 275 dollars. Moreover, the project management institute membership fee also comes up with a cost price of 129 dollars and along with joining fee of 10 dollars. That makes your cost in total to 544 dollars, which is not much less from the real cost i-e 555 dollars.

Training Costs

Let’s go back for a while. Before taking the PMP examination, you will first have to complete 35 hours of training. There are three ways to do this. Some choose instructor-led or a classroom setting, while others may take up online training courses. Their cost prices also vary from one another. Instructor-led training courses range up to one to two thousand dollars, Classroom training courses varies from 200 dollars to 2,500 dollars, and Online courses are the cheapest as they cost you not more than 500 dollars.

PMBOK Guide:

As a PMP aspirant, you cant consider the PMBOK Guide as the only part of the syllabus for PMP examination. It is only an officially referred book for the exam of PMP. There are chances that the content of this PMBOK Guide will be found in the original PMP examination. The current cost price of the PMBOK Guide is 47.98 dollars.

Renewing your credentials:

You cannot stop once you become the holder of PMP credential. As your PMP credential will be only valid for only three years and you will have to renew it prior to its invalidity. For this, you will have to pay a cost price of 150 dollars after every three years in order to renew. But if you are a member of PMI, then its cost price will be reduced to 60 dollars.


As you can see that there are a lot of other costs that are involved in PMP certification other than the exam cost price itself. There is a cost price involved in every process which you need to go through to become PMP certified. But these costs might vary from one person to another and country to country where you are living.

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