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CRISC Exam Details

CRISC Exam: Details, Process & Preparation Tips

Jun 17, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
CRISC Exam: Details, Process & Preparation Tips

Certified Information Security Manager (CRISC) Certification

CRISC certification requires people to obtain the expertise to build and manage an enterprise’s information security infrastructure. It is one of the key qualifications for applicants interested in pursuing their information technology careers in major IT companies.

The software was approved under ISO / IEC by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It is a four-hour test to respond to a series of 150 questions. These issues rely on the finding, assessing, handling, and monitoring of threats.

What is ISACA?

ISACA was specifically referred to as the “Information Systems Audit and Control Association.” It is a non-profit, autonomous organization that facilitates the advancement of individual expertise in information technology, technology, risk, and governance.

Requirements and Application Process of CRISC Certification

The method this certificate is earned is:

  • Preserve and continue to update the credential gained.
  • Schedule all the subjects of the course.
  • Request a CRISC examination registration application.
  • Take up the exam.

In addition to passing the test, the applicants must also meet the following criterion:

  • Commit to meet with Continuing Education policy; (to receive 20 CPE hours in a single year and 120 CPE hours for almost three years)
  • Comply with the ISACA code of ethics.
  • Submit a CISM certification application.

CRISC Certification’s Cost

it would cost USD 575 for members to apply for the CRISC credential online and $760 for non-members. If you are a participant early entry, you will be paid USD 525 and otherwise USD 710.

Also, a repair fee has to be charged to an aspirant to comply with the principle of continued education. For one ISACA participant, the fee is USD 45 and for non-members, USD 85. The renewal fee still occurs periodically – $20 for members and $35 for non-members. The expense of paying for your credential is USD 50.

Passing a CRISC Certification Exam

The qualification of CRISC (Certified Information Security Manager) will mark your corporate risk management niche. CRISC certification tests can now be performed remotely via proctored remote or at a test center in person.

Working Domains

Suppose you are searching for a new job opportunity or wish to establish in your present organization. In that case, a CRISC focuses on risk assessment and includes these fields of work:

  • Assessment of IT Risk
  • Identification of IT Risk
  • Risk Reporting and Control Monitoring
  • Mitigation and Risk Response

CRISC Salary

Candidates with the necessary qualifications will comfortably receive an average of USD 111,480 through a salary survey. You will achieve much more if you retain your qualification and gain expertise. This makes it a very profitable option to receive an excellent wage.

Common CRISC Jobs

Applicants earning CRISC certification earn decent work and top positions such as Risk Managers, Information Risk Analysts, Network Management Managers, Information Security Managers, Infrastructure & Operations Managers, Information & Operations Control Managers, and even Chief Security Officers.


Any applicant with a strong strategy, quality tools, and devotion to exam planning has a fair chance of success with the CRISC examination. Persons with accredited certificates are favored over other business practitioners.

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