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CRISC Exam Preparation

CRISC Exam Preparation: Study Tips For Working Professionals 

Apr 19, 20207 mins readAmit Masih
CRISC Exam Preparation: Study Tips For Working Professionals 

A well-planned schedule for CRISC exam preparation plays a crucial role when it comes to a candidate’s daily routine. An appropriate study plan helps you develop a regular study and practice habit and prevents falling prey to procrastination.   In this roadmap, we will be sharing several study tips for the person preparing for the CRISC exam and how to distress after studying. However, the study tips can be adopted while preparing for any other exam also.    Though, this practice is not one-size-fits-all. Still, there are some pre-loved routines and scientifically proven techniques for preparation that you can follow.    Let us now dive deep into each tip and see how it can benefit working professionals preparing for the exam on the ground.  

Study Routine while Doing CRISC Exam Preparation

Here you will get to know what your approach should be before and during exam preparation.  

Know how much time you have to Prepare for the Exam

You must calculate the number of days you have before the final exam. It will help you create an effective study plan and whether it will be an excellent decision to appear for the exam.    

Analyze your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you start preparing for the exam, you must be aware of the complete exam syllabus. Prepare a list of topics you have enough knowledge about and topics that require more study.   

Analyze the Most Productive Time of the Day

As a working professional, you have limited time to prepare for the exam. So it becomes essential to analyze the time of the day when you have creative juices flowing, and your energy level is high. It is not mandatory to get up early in the morning to study. You should try different times of the day, such as the early morning or late night hours, to practice preparing for the exam and select the time that best suits you.   

Minimize Distractions

Choose the area for studying that is free from distractions. Try to study at the same place every day. It is because your brain gets trained and goes into study mode as soon as you start studying. While studying, it will be good to switch off or keep your mobile phone on silent mode, turn off notifications, and ask everyone around you not to disturb you. Write down your goals on paper and stick them at a place where you can see them whenever you start studying.  

Prepare a To-do list

Preparing a to-do list is the most crucial step to organize your study and work schedule. It maximizes your productivity and helps you achieve your dream goals in a specified timeframe.   Here are a few features of an effective to-do list:

  • Prepare the list the night before.
  • Prepare a new list every day separately for work and household activities.
  • Keep the list short and prioritize tasks in decreasing order of importance.
  • Highlight three significant tasks and make sure you complete them. After that, you can focus on less critical tasks.    

Set a Timer while Studying 

Set a timer to focus while studying. Make it a point not to do any other activity till the timer rings. You can also use the Pomodoro technique. It is well known time management technique where each task is divided into 25 minute intervals with a break of 5 minutes after each job. It refreshes and reset your brain to again focus on the work. You can also adjust the time for each task.      

Record Your Progress

Keep track of your study goals. It will help you to analyze how much more time you need to spend to accomplish them. Also, small ticks in the front of completed tasks keep you motivated to follow your routine wholeheartedly.  

Stick to Your Routine

Once you set a routine, stick to it. You can follow a flexible routine as per your goals and current situation. But, remain committed to it to achieve your studying goals.  

Collaborate with other CRISC Exam Aspirants

Studying alone might lower down your motivation level. So, keeping yourself in touch with fellow exam aspirants will not only boost positivity level but keeps you updated about the current happenings in your niche and the latest news about the CRISC exam.   You can join the ISACA community forum, Reddit forum, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups dedicated to CRISC exam preparation.  

How to De-stress during Studying for CRISC Exam Preparation

Long study and work hours can lead to stress at the mental, physical, and emotional levels. So, it is essential to de-stress yourself frequently.  Here are a few tested ways to rejuvenate your senses:  

Maintain a Proper Sleep Schedule

The lack of sleep leads to stress and depression. You must maintain a sleep schedule. Getting enough hours of sleep refreshes your mind, increases concentration and productivity, and reduces physical weakness and illness. If you find it difficult to sleep, you can take a warm water bath with mind and soul-calming essential oils, such as lavender and vanilla. Also, avoid eating a starchy meal before bedtime as it leads to heartburn.   

Do Physical Activity

Get up early and start your day with light exercises, like a morning walk. If getting up early morning is not possible, do take out time of at least 15 minutes any time of the day for physical activity. It improves blood circulation, boosts energy, keeps you fresh and energized throughout the day. Prefer to work out in silence and avoid taking a mobile phone and headphones along with you.                   

Take Regular Breaks

Doing the same task in continuation makes your mind dull and decreases productivity. Here we are not talking about long breaks, only short breaks of a few minutes.

A few activities that you can do during the break:

  • Go for a short walk.
  • Do yoga, breathing, or stretching exercises.
  • Talk to your family or friend.
  • Do pending household work.
  • Do five-minute meditation.
  • Make yourself a healthy snack or a drink.

You can adjust the duration of the break as per your schedule.  

Switch to Healthy Eating Habits

Both during and after studying, you must follow a healthy eating plan. It is an excellent stress-reducing technique. When you eat light and healthy food, your body does not have to work much to digest it, and you feel less sluggish. 

A few changes you can make in your eating habits are:

  • Reduce caffeine intake. 
  • Avoid packaged food items.
  • Cut your carbohydrates and sugar intake. 
  • Replace white bread with brown bread, carbonated drinks with freshwater, freshly prepared juice or coconut water, and packaged snacks with salad.  

Reward Yourself

The human brain feels happy about being rewarded. So every time you accomplish a study goal, reward yourself. Reward yourself each time you achieve a task. These rewards motivate you to perform better each time. You can take a short break, go for a walk, listen to your favorite music, or relax with your eyes closed.   


A proper work and study schedule needs to be followed for a successful CRISC exam preparation. A focused approach is required to crack this globally acclaimed exam and get certified.   Though it is not easy to get certified, a dedicated and planned study approach can help you pass the examination with flying colors.   Today, we have come up with a few practical tips to plan your day while preparing for the certification exam and ways to relax and de-stress. If you have something valuable to share that can benefit our audience, please share it in the comment box.

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