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CISA Certification

CISA Certification: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 04, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
CISA Certification: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know about the CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor is given to those professionals who are proficient in Information systems control, audit, and security. ISACA or Information Systems Audit and Control Association sponsors this certification. The CISA is popular around the globe, recognized for the IT-inclined accountants.

A candidate needs to fulfill a series of difficult requirements to be a Certified Information system Auditor. This certification is good to build and maintain the tool that is applied to test the candidate’s competency who conducts Information System audits.

The IS auditors get this certification to increase their value to the company. It presents them with job security and they will be able to get a higher salary.

CISA Examination

Every year, these exams are held in June and September. All its domains are based on information system control, audit, and security. This certification offers a great recognition in the industry and influence at the executive level. It does not mean to attend the course and pass the examination, it is about to become well-informed to demonstrate the application. A certified person has educational, management experience, and recognition of work.

Requirements for CISA qualifications

Professionals who have five years of working experience in the field of Information system security control and audit are eligible to apply for this certification. There are about five areas or domains on which a candidate should have a complete grasp.

  • 21% of exam from Information System Auditing Process
  • 17% of exam from the Government and Management of IT
  • 12% of exams from Information system Development, Acquisition, and Imp.
  • 23% of exam from Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
  • 27% of exam from the protection of information assets

Ways to clear the exam at the first attempt

  • A candidate who has a relevant 5-year of working experience is eligible to apply for the examination. You must be able to get this experience within the next 5 years.
  • You need to get registration and schedule your examination direct with ISACA.
  • Get or buy the official ISACA third-party textbooks and study guides.
  • Make a self-study plan to cover all five areas for exams.

Significance of the certification

It increases the skills of the candidate in the best practices of his career with the model skills needed for the job. Moreover, it increases the chances of promotion for the certified person. The candidate learns new techniques and skills that help a person to use them in the work. It is good to become more engaged and skilled. In this way, a person can get a job on better terms and conditions.


In short, this certification is ideal for highly experienced and qualified professionals. It allows competence in five areas including software acquisition, development, and maintenance, practices, and standards, management and organization, availability, confidentiality, integrity, and process.

Around the globe, it is a recognized certification and employers prefer to hire these individuals who work for the organization and meet the goal of success.

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