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FAQs CAPM: Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 26, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
FAQs CAPM: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CAPM Certification Examination?

The CAPM is basically an exam that is comprised of 150 multiple choice questions that are mutually exclusive with four options. This examination is created in order to test the understanding of individuals that how they can apply their best practices of project management to achieve the desired project results and practices.

2. What are the education or work experience requirements needed?

The CAPM aspirants should complete all the verification process that is needed while applying to take up the exam. There are two main requirements that the candidates must fulfill:

  • Secondary degree (associate’s degree, high school diploma, or the global equivalent)
  • 23 solid hours of project management education must be completed at the time when you sit for giving the CAPM exam.

3. What is the cost of the CAPM exam?

The cost of 225 dollars will be paid by those candidates that are PMI members, whereas the cost for those candidates that are not members of PMI will have to pay 300 dollars. The PMI membership cost is 129 dollars per year, along with 10 dollars for the application fee.

4. How many hours of study time are necessary to pass the exam?

The amount of time varies from person to person as everyone has their own learning styles and comfort zones. Usually, aspirants are expected to spend a minimum of 20 to 40 hours studying the course including the time that they spend in their classroom.

5. What study materials are needed to prepare for the exam?

CAPM provides complete course materials to the aspirants of this exam. Moreover, there are also lots of study aids, pages with useful information, and references are available on the internet.

6. What if candidates do not pass the exam?

Those candidates that fail to pass the CAPM exam, will be able to retake the exams within the eligibility time period of 1 year. If the candidate will be unable to pass it in the given eligibility time period of one year then he or she will have to wait for one year, right from the date on which he last attempts the exam in order to reapply for the exam again.

7. What if I need to retake the CAPM Certification Preparation class?

If due to any reason you can’t be able to give the exam and want to retake preparation classes from the start, then you will be able to enroll yourself for the upcoming preparation class of CAPM credential without paying any charges.

While retaking the prep class, the candidates should come along with their original course materials, otherwise, they will have to purchase a new one for 150 dollars.

8. What is the cost to retake the exam?

If you are retaking the exam then the cost for the candidates that have PMI membership will be 150 dollars, whereas for those who are not members will have to pay 200 dollars.

9. What is the 100 percent Guarantee To Pass?

If you keep on attending all the classes and follow the instructions given by the trainer, you will surely pass the CAPM exam on the first attempt.

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