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How Can I Get CISA CPEs?

Apr 22, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
How Can I Get CISA CPEs?

CPE stands for Continuous Professional Education. It refers to all professional activities related to development, technical, and managerial training for IT or IS assessments. It is important to improve Information technology security, audit, and control skills.

A candidate who has done CISA certification, he needs these CPEs to maintain his certification or for its renewal that is due by 1st January of every calendar year. Therefore, all the CISA certified professionals look for ways to earn CPEs to maintain their certification. They earn and report with a fee every year.

Meet Compliance needs and protect business

  • Let ISACA serve you with the modern and 100% guaranteed CPEs earning opportunities without much effort.
  • It helps you in upgrading your skills and expertise in firms’ IT support for peak seasons.
  • You need to recheck your compliance needs and make a plan to meet the challenges of the industry
  • Your CISA certification and CPEs earning opportunity help you learn new ways to protect from the phishing attacks, malware, and viruses on your computer.

There are many things on which an organization has to take the decision with the help of the CISA Certifies professional. When an organization takes a decision, it prefers taking the help of the CISA certified professionals.

Get ISACA CPEs opportunities

ISACA gives several opportunities for professionals to earn CPE. It helps you demonstrate your commitment to improving your knowledge about the domains, modern searches, and technologies. This is the latest information systems certifications. Some of the opportunities by ISACA are here.


A candidate has to attend the ISACA conference and he earns 32 CPEs.

Training weeks

Get the opportunity to complete a course of ISACA training week and earn up to 32 CPEs.

Online training

A certified professional attends ISACA webinars and virtual instructor LED training to earn up to 36 free CPEs per year.

On-demand learning

So you have the opportunity to earn 28 CPEs per course and online courses when completing on demand.

Journal quiz

There are six journals per year and one CPE for each.

Lab activities

Candidates have to obtain skills which they will get after completing the certificate programs lab activities CSX courses and all these are great opportunities to earn CPEs.

Non-ISACA professional meetings and education activities

Candidate can earn CPEs by attending professional education meetings and activities. However, ISACA does not sponsor these activities. These activities are included in professional meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, in-house corporate training, and many more.

Self-study courses

You can increase and earn unlimited CPE credits by doing structured courses for self-study. These courses are done via virtual classes and other ISACA e-learning activities.


With the help of the CISA certification, you know which type of systems your organization needs, so let yourself to learn and manage your course and its renewal. It is important to handle all these things to earn CPEs with the help of the activities of ISACA. Every candidate has to manage all these things and attend the events sponsored by ISACA.

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