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PMP - Project Manager

Is PMP Only For Project Managers?

Nov 18, 20184 mins readAmit Masih
Is PMP Only For Project Managers?

Do you often think about whether you can earn a PMP credential without a project manager title? 

The answer is yes. You can be PMP certified, and your work experience is more important than your job title to appear for the exam. PMP certification focuses on professionals who have experience in leading project teams.

As a PMP certified professional, you showcase your expertise in project understanding and handling, risk handling, time management, communication, leadership, documentation, and effectively monitoring the project during its life cycle.   

If your current job allows you to do project management and you have expertise in handling teams and related problems, then you must try to acquire the PMP certification.

So, title does not matter your role and responsibility as a project manager in effectively handling different stages of project development matters. Hence aim for the prestigious PMP credential to gain higher expertise as a project manager.

Benefits of PMP Certification

The PMP certification is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. 

For Employees: As an employee, you get more high-paying job opportunities, higher visibility within an organization, and appreciation. So, you shine at your current job and become a sought-after professional that organizations love to hire.

For Employers: If you hire PMPs, the project completion success rate increases as trained professionals have a deep understanding of the project management core competencies. PMPs know how to handle the project and deliver it within the specified deadline with the available resources and budget. Also, they can manage teams and resolve team-related issues.r

Roles on the PMP Application Form

It is the area that further emphasizes the value role holds over the title. You have to select one option out of the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Manager
  • Project Contributor
  • Educator
  • Supervisor
  • Project Leader
  • Consultant
  • Administrator
  • Other

If your role is not on the list, select 'other'.

PMP Exam Requirements – Education (Contact Hours) and Experience

Eligibility #1: Educational Qualification: Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent)

Project Management Experience: Min 5 years or 60 months of unique non-overlapping experience

Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of education

Eligibility #2: Educational Qualification: 4-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent)

Project Management Experience: Min 3 years or 36 months of unique non-overlapping experience

Project Management Education: 35 contact hours of education

Tips to follow while calculating experience hours:

  • Focus on leading project management activities and not general activities.
  • Calculate total hours during the last 3 or 5 years, depending on your educational qualification.

Only non-overlapping hours spent on project handling should be considered.

Project Management Importance

Nowadays, skilled project managers are a part of every industry. All the industries like construction, healthcare, defence, information technology, energy, etc., need project management services to launch new products and services. Project management can help in the timely delivery of the projects and also help in cutting down development costs.

If you work in any industry or field that deals with projects, you can take the PMP exam. However, you must have practical experience across the five project domains: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing.

Project Management Experience Proof

PMP is globally-recognized certification to showcase project management skills and knowledge. Therefore, PMI takes every measure to strictly verify each application before you can appear for the actual examination.

If your application needs an audit, you must submit educational qualification or contact hours proof with an authorized signature from your employer.

The Final Words PMP is a renowned credential and is globally recognized by organizations. So, the eligibility criteria for this exam are bound to be complicated.

But that should not stop you from acquiring this credential. If you have the required experience, you can appear for the PMP exam even if you are not the project manager.

If you still have queries, you can ask them in the comments below.

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