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Is CISA exam difficult

Is the CISA Exam Difficult? Tips for Success

Aug 06, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
Is the CISA Exam Difficult? Tips for Success

Almost every CISA credential aspirant asks a common question that is the CISA exam difficult? This is the most common problem to which every aspirant encountered. There are some general aspects through which you might be able to figure out the CISA exam level of difficulty.

The proper technique to find out it is by making a comparison between the CISA exam with other exams and observations, qualifications, and comments from the prior candidates bit by bit and then eventually you will get clarity about the difficulty at each level.

So, in order to begin with, you have to first understand the aim of this CISA exam and what are there measuring parameters for measuring the proficiency of CISA aspirants.

The goal of the CISA Exam:

The first thing you need to understand is the aim of this exam that is to validate authenticate the comprehension and understanding of the information that is contained in the CISA credential curriculum. You will be able to pass the exam when you have a clear understanding of the information and concepts that are contained within the CISA examination.

The CISA exam has a wider goal and focus of the CISA exam that is to show that you have enough experience and knowledge which is required for any job role that requires the CISA credential. Having this certification clearly demonstrates that you have acquired and maintained the skills that are required to become an asset to your company in this field.

According to ISACA, CISA is a certification which is preferred among organization and individuals who possesses control, IS audit, and security skills all over the world.

CISA Exam Content: Difficulty Level

When you compare this certification with other exams within the same niche, it is somehow considered to be more difficult to pass. If we talk about the exam syllabus and content, the exam contains 150 questions that are a lighter one that most of the successful professionals and aspirants would agree to. It covers the specific knowledge on a certain topic as compared to the basic knowledge on a large range of topics.

It depends on your previous experience and learning style, it would be both tough and easy. Moreover, since this certification has a requirement of having five years of experience so, it is not intended for someone who just begins with their career.

Job Profiles: Difficulty Levels

When it comes to job profiles for those individuals who are just beginning with, it is likely to be somehow easier for those who have prior experience as compared to those who don’t have any relevant experience.

However, it is a fact that those individuals who take this exam and already have five years of experience in the relevant industry have a different perception about the exam. So, this exam is also a completely subjective matter.

Even though, it is known that the difficulty level of this exam has been increased as years pass by and their standards too in the industry.

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