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ISACA CRISC Exam Changing From 1st August

Jun 06, 20219 mins readAmit Masih
ISACA CRISC Exam Changing From 1st August

As an IT professional regular up-gradation of your career is essential. ISACA CRISC Certification gives an instant boost and recognition to your career out of the many certifications available.

It acts as a verification badge to your ability to identify and manage business risk and technical know-how to implement and maintain practical and result-oriented information security systems controls.

However, the job practice areas of the ISACA’s CRISC certification will be updated starting from 1 August 2021.

This article will cover what CRISC is, its importance, current examination criteria, and job opportunities.

What is ISACA?

ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is a non-profit and independent body involved in developing and using internationally accepted practices related to the information system.

Apart from providing guidance and information systems governing tools to the enterprises, it also conducts several global conferences in technical and managerial domains covering IT governance, IS control, and security.

Several certification programs, such as CISA, CISM, CGEIT, and CRISC, are conducted by ISACA.

What is CRISC Certification?

CRISC stands for Certified in Risks and Information Systems Control. It is the most valuable certificate available to date to evaluate the risk handling efficiency of IT professionals and employees within an organization.

CRISC certified professionals hold technical expertise in risk management and guide enterprises about business risk and implementing information security controls.

If you are an IT professional, business analyst, project manager, or risk professional, you must obtain this certificate.

Importance of CRISC Certification

Today the number of cybercrimes is increasing at a fast pace. The entire world is dependent on the digital world.

Hence, cyber security has become the top priority of everyone, especially businesses, as neglecting risk management can lead to data theft. The company might have to bear a massive financial crisis.

As a CRISC certificate holder, you understand the risk involved and devise strategies to lessen the occurrence of those risks.

Here are a few ways in which a CRISC certificate will prove beneficial to you:

  • It is proof of your expertise as a risk management professional.
  • It projects you as a valuable asset for a company that wants to manage IT risk effectively.
  • It gives you an edge over your competitors applying for the same job.
  • Become a Part of the ISACA global community where you get updated ideas related to IT risk management.

Changed Domains CRISC Certification Examination from 1 August 2021

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current resume or for a new job opportunity, with CRISC certification, you can prove your expertise in the following updated domains:

IT Risk Identification (26%)

This domain covers questions related to:

  • Actions are required to collect companies’ data to identify potential threats, risks, and weaknesses.
  • Impact of potential risks to an organization and its stakeholders
  • Maximum risk the company can handle.

IT Risk Assessment (20%)

This domain covers questions related to:

  • Creating an effective security assessment program to identify problems that can cause a threat to an organization.
  • Identification of the risks involved and how to combat their impact.
  • Analyzing risk scenarios and current controls and present the assessment results to the management and the stakeholders.

Risk Response and Reporting (32%)

This domain covers questions related to:

  • Developing and implementing effective risk responses and controls to lessen business exposure.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the risk response in eliminating the threat and normalizing business operations.
  • The role of all the key elements involved in the recovery process is considered, ensuring all the risk control policies are followed.

Information Technology and Security (22%)

This domain covers questions related to:

  • It covers the requirement to monitor IT risks and the controls, the effectiveness of the risk management strategy, and how it fulfills business goals.
  • Monitoring and analyzing KRIs (key risk indicators), how they help to analyze the risk factor involved in an activity and analyze KPIs (key performance indicators) to identify changes to test the effective working of the controls.

Eligibility Criteria to Obtain CRISC Certification

The candidates who wish to appear for CRISC certifications must have at least three years of work experience in IT risk management by implementing information systems controls.

Also, the candidate is required to have cumulative work experience of three years in two CRISC domains.

Out of the two domains, one must be from 1 or 2 domains.

Exam Fee: ISACA member: USD 575 Non-ISACA member: USD 760

The exam fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Certification Maintenance Fees: ISACA member: USD 45 Non-ISACA member: USD 85

CRISC Exam Study Community

A unique forum, CRISC Exam Study Community, is provided by ISACA, where students can ask questions, share study materials, or exchange ideas with fellow community members.

Exam Languages

ISACA is a global association that offers study material and certification exams in several languages, such as English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Exam Duration: 4 hours Exam Format: Multiple Choice Number of Questions: 150 Exam Passing Score: 450 Validation Period of CRISC Certificate: 5 Years

Online Registration for CRISC Exam

Examination sites listed on the ISACA site can change anytime. So, before applying and submitting registration fees, check whether the site you like to take the exam is present in the list as the registration fees are non-refundable and transferable.

Online registration process:

  • Create a new account or login if already a member.
  • Make sure to enter your name as on a government-issued identity card. Else you will not be allowed to enter the exam center if both the names do not match.
  • Accept terms and conditions and select your certification by visiting the exam registration page.

Exam Scheduling and Rescheduling

Exam Scheduling:

After creating an account on the ISACA website, you will get a confirmation mail if you are eligible to appear for the exam.

Registration steps:

Login to your account on the ISACA website. Click on my certification page. In the pre-certification summary section, select the schedule exam URL. The scheduling page will open with step-by-step instructions to schedule your test appointment.

Exam Rescheduling:

If somehow you cannot take the exam on the scheduled date, you can reschedule it without paying any extra charge.

But this is possible only if you reschedule it 48 hours before the original appointment.

If you do not reschedule before this deadline, then your registration amount will not be returned.


By paying an additional processing fee of $200, you can postpone your canceled or unscheduled exam.

You can do it only once, however, keep in mind that the charges are non-refundable or transferable.

Exam Retakes

A candidate can opt for an exam retake if the score is less than 450. Only one exam is allowed per testing window. On failing, you can register for a retake in the upcoming window.

For this, you have to register again, make the payment, and schedule a new exam appointment.

Exam Locations 

Testing partner PSI of ISACA administers exams through computer-based testing locations.

However, in natural calamity or any other emergency, the scheduled exam can be canceled or postponed.

All the candidates get a notification through email or phone by PSI.

Exam Day Rules

  • Candidates need to carry current and original government-verified identity proof bearing the candidate’s name, photograph, and signature. You can have a passport, driver’s license, green card, national identification card, or state identity card.
  • Candidates need to arrive on time. A margin of 15 minutes is allowed from the start time. After that, you won’t be allowed to enter.
  • The candidate cannot carry a notepad, reference material, smartphones, smart watches, and calculators in the test center.
  • Food items, beverages, weapons, or tobacco products are also prohibited in the test center.
  • In case of emergency, the candidate can use the restroom. But no extra time is given to complete the exam.
  • If any candidate violates the prescribed policies, they will cancel their examination, and you will lose registration fees.

Obtaining CRISC Certificate

Candidates who clear the exam and also meet the work experience requirement can apply for this certificate.

Submit the CRISC application for the certification within five years from the date you passed the examination.

If you fail to apply for the certificate, you again have to take and pass the exam. 

CRISC Certification Maintenance

Also, you must adhere to the CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Policy that requires a minimum of 20 contact hours of CPE annually and 120 hours of CPE over three years.

CPE Annual Maintenance Fees to be paid to ISACA International Headquarters. Submit CPE activities documentation for the audition.

Bind to the Code of Professional Ethics that is specifically designed to maintain a personal and professional conduct.

Job Opportunities 

CRISC certification opens doors to several job opportunities in both India and abroad.

You can apply for the role of an information security officer, information security analyst, IT audit supervisor, computing and IT security director, or security risk strategist.

CRISC certification has always been in demand; many companies seek well-versed CRISC certified candidates for in-house roles.

As soon as you come up with the badge of CRISC-certified professional, you will be blessed with plenty of job opportunities out there. 


If you are an IT professional responsible for security management, compliance considerations, identify risks involved and take measures to minimize them for smooth business functionality, then CRISC certification is for you. 

It will equip you with the proper knowledge required to increase your working efficiency at the job.

The exam tests your knowledge in the four domains. If you clear this exam, that portrays your clear understanding of identifying, responding, reporting risks, and developing and implementing strategies to protect businesses' digital assets.

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