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CISA Certification: A Overview Guide

CISA Certification Overview: Benefits and Exam Details

Jan 07, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
CISA Certification Overview: Benefits and Exam Details

CISA provides certification for IT assurance. Multinational clients have recognized it and it offers lending credibility to the organization. Therefore, all the employers prefer to hire these professionals who have this certification because they are excellent indicators of expertise in IT security and controls. There is no match in their job performance.

A candidate is eligible who can express an interest in IS security, control, and auditing. It is a 4-hour long paper that contains one hundred fifty multiple-choice questions set related to 5 domains of job practices.

The reason behind this examination is to assess the ability related to IS security, control, and auditing expertise and management.

The process of Auditing Information system

It is the first domain that contains types of assessments and audits, risk-based audit planning, types of controls, business processes, codes of ethics, IS guidelines, and Audit standards. It introduces services as per the IS audit standards to help the organization in controlling and protecting information systems. It allows a candidate on how to handle their tasks in a professional way.

Government and Management of IT

This area covers IT tactics in an organization and evaluates the IT governance structure for more professionalism. In this section, candidates learn the knowledge of the topics relevant to business continuity, KPIs, scorecards, quality assurance, quality management, optimization techniques, and many more. The question paper contains a 16% part of this domain.

Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation

This domain tests Control design and identification, System development methods, Feasibility analysis, and business cases, and Project management, and Governess. This domain allows a certified person to handle the projects with the help of the modern techniques which he has learned during the certification.

This domain provides the knowledge to the candidate on how to manage the project and handle the team. The candidate will be able to take on these extra responsibilities and behave like an extension for the company and work together. This way he can leverage the PM’s expertise, comprehension, and knowledge for a successful job.

Information System Operation and Business Resilience

This domain allows us to learn system interfaces, production process automation, job scheduling, IT asset management, common technology components, incident management, and problem, systems performance management data Governance, End-User computing, Database management, IT service Level Management, Release, configuration, change and patch management.

This domain offers the capability to handle different business flexible system to increase its productivity. The candidate learns how to manage the business by reducing its costs with the implementation of the Information system operation.

Protection of Information Assets

In this domain, candidates get knowledge of Identity and access management, physical access and environmental controls, Privacy principles, standards guidelines, information asset security frameworks, public key infrastructure (PKI), Data encryption and encryption-related techniques, Data classification, network, and endpoint security, Mobile, wireless and internet-of-things (IoT) devices, virtualization environments, and web-based communication techniques.


Clearing CISA exam is not possible without knowing the details of these domains. A candidate must focus on the disciplines of these domains and get skills in all these topics.

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