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CAPM Certification

Top Reasons to Obtain CAPM Certification for Your Project Management Career

Jan 28, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
Top Reasons to Obtain CAPM Certification for Your Project Management Career

The CAPM is a famous credential that helps the business owners to find the right and the most suited professionals in order to fulfill specific roles in their companies. This credential works as a prove that validates the candidates experience and knowledge as well as their abilities to tackle the critical responsibilities and upcoming challenges.

Project managers are almost needed in every industry such as information technology, construction, engineering, and more.

Having this CAPM credential will opens up large number of opportunities for you, which includes:

1. Career Incentives

In most of the cases , this certification is becomes essentially required in order to help you in launching and upgrading your career into new roles and increases your responsibilities in your company. Employers trust the CAPM holders and the professionals that have this credential as it works as a proof that they are able to handle this responsibilities.

2. Global Opportunities

This is another reason of getting a CAPM is that this certification has been recognized all over the world. By having this you will be able to work anywhere in the world as you have had the opportunity to go other places in order to get more better projects. Even within the organization, the high level management also prefers to transfer those employees to other international places who have this certification as if they feel like it will be in their best interest.

3. CAPM Salary

Having this certification also stats that your salary will be 25 percent more as other compared to those who have had not CAPM credential. Your salary also varies according to your job description and the country where you are in, but definitely to have tis credential in your resume will be a bonus as the certified professionals are high in demand in the market as compared to non-certified ones and companies will be willing to pay them high as they are hiring experts on board.

4. The CAPM Pay Scale

According to a lot of professional surveys the project management has been voted as the highest paid jobs. Project managers probably earns in between from 90,000 dollars to 150,000 dollars annually. The salary of CAPM certified averages about 92,000 dollars and the top paying professionals in the IT industry generally paid salaries are 100,000 dollars and above.

5. Expected Job Profiles

The training of CAPM is just an entry-level course taht is designed for those with no experience in this field. It teaches the aspirants that main fundamentals of project management that includes project management, knowledge, terminologies, and best practices that are more effective.

The jobs for which CAPM professionals can look at are PMO Operational Support Analyst, Business Analyst Consultants, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Senior IT Technical Project Manager, Member Relations Administrator, and much more.


Project management is a well-established field. However, due to the rise of responsibilities and the recent advancements in job technicalities makes the position quite flexible. CAPM credential works as a bar for employers to recruit knowledgeable and expert professionals. If you are looking for substantial growth and advancement in your career, CAPM is an ideal one.

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