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CISA Exam Tips

Top Tips for CISA Exam Success | CBTPROXY

May 27, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
Top Tips for CISA Exam Success | CBTPROXY

CISA is a very significant certification that is globally recognized and it is for those individuals, willing to be more professionals and the demand for the IT industry. It is not a simple and easy goal to achieve, proper planning is essential to clear the CISA exams and it’s very important to select an appropriate method to pass the exam. There are many tips and techniques through which you can be able to pass the exam. This examination is based on 150 multiple choice questions to judge your skills in IS/IT Information systems control, audit, and security. The duration of the examination is four hours.

How to pass the exam?

If you are eligible to qualify for the exam, then you must focus on some tactics to pass the exam. Some of the important tips are here.

1. Join the ICSISA

You need to join the institute for passing the exam. They will help you in handling the details of the course and you can take the classes as per your feasibility. Moreover, ICISA rewards this certification. It is a recognized and authentic institute for exam preparation.

2. Get information about the domains

The CISA course contains five domains and the paper consists of 150 multiple choice questions on the basis of these five domains. Therefore, you must have complete knowledge and command over these domains.

  • Information System Auditing Process
  • The Government and Management of IT
  • Information system Development, Acquisition, and Imp.
  • Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
  • The protection of information assets
    1. Go for Practice test sessions

First of all, you must solve the practice test. It will help you to know about your grasp over the topics as well as you will learn about time management. There are several websites that offer CISA exam preparation. Due to your job timings, if you cannot take the classes in the institute, then you go for the virtual class’s option. It will determine your strength and weakness. This will assist you in which way you have to focus on.

4. Get study guide

Evaluation of your own learning style is necessary. It will determine which type of CISA exam study guide is good for exam preparation. A visual learner is required to use a CD-based study guide with visual accessories. An auditory learner needs to listen to audio lectures.

A guide should be chosen which is associated with the time you have to study. Always check properly the sample tests which are good for practice the CISA exams. If you are going online study guide them always try to get the latest version of the CISA study guide.

If you are having a book with a general view, then take a second one which is focused on learning practice, audio CISA lectures.


For the exam preparation, you can download the self-test question, guides, and sumps on your devices. It will help you practice for the papers. This certification is important for your better career and a bright future. Therefore, you must focus on the resources that you are collecting from the sites.

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