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Tips for Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

PMP Exam: Tips to Practice and Prepare for the Exam | CBTProxy

Apr 16, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
PMP Exam: Tips to Practice and Prepare for the Exam | CBTProxy

Passing the PMP exam requires great commitment and careful preparation. Good preparation for exams is expected, regardless of your education and experience.

In the past, people with even more than 10 years of project management experience failed because they diminished the difference between passing the PMP exam and being a good project manager.

The PMP exam assesses the abilities of candidates in five performance areas

  • Project initiation (13% weightage)
  • Project planning (24% weightage)
  • Project execution (31% weightage)
  • Project monitoring and controlling (25% weightage)
  • Closing the project (7% weightage)

The exam has approximately 200 multiple-choice questions. Of these, 25 did not count for the final score. They are used as trial questions to improve the level of the exam.

However, one cannot specify the sample questions, as they are randomly placed throughout the test. Here are some best tips to practice for the PMP exam.

Make a plan

Create a study plan that will help you prepare for and cover all of the activities needed to earn your PMP certification. It is recommended to divide the study sessions into shorter periods and plan them to include all the main things such as reading the PMBOK guide, studying different materials and attempting various mock tests, etc.

Understand the eligibility and content of the exam

It may sound like a lot of effort, but your first step to success is knowing what difficulty you are going to face. The official website of the Project Management Institute (PMI) will help you find key information about the PMP certification exam.

It will also provide links to the exam schedule, official training providers, practice the tests and study materials. It also provides detailed information about the test subjects, including the percentage of questions assigned to each subject.

Study PMBOK guide

The PMI publishes the PMBOK Guide. This can be a long and boring reading guide, but it’s your preferred option for understanding the concepts better. To clear the exam, you have to understand this book completely. There may not be many questions in the book. However, for this, you may need to refer to another reference book.

Review the PMP course outline

The PMP exam course outline is a document published by PMI. It consists of breaking down the questions according to the process areas raised in the test. Reviewing the PMP course outline will let you cover all the content successfully.

Divide the program into homework and take plenty of time to study in-depth. Check whether you are on schedule or adjust your strategy based on the results of your practice tests.

Practice mock tests to prepare for the exam

Mock tests are often a good and suitable indicator of your willingness to take the test. It is handy for identifying knowledge gaps in project management.

After taking the test, you can analyze the areas you need to focus on for improvement. Practicing mock tests will also make it easy for you to sit for four hours while focusing on answering the questions.

To pass the PMP exam, consider it a project. Be confident and believe that if you constantly push yourself, you can pass the PMP exam.

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