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Cisco Partner Levels

What Are Cisco Partner Levels?

Apr 21, 20195 mins readAmit Masih
What Are Cisco Partner Levels?

Cisco is a global leader in providing networking solutions and offering partner programs to organizations to take the way they do business to the next level. It is committed to the growth of its partners.

Since its inception, Cisco’s partner program has evolved constantly to keep its partners up-to-date with the latest opportunities and better software and IT skills that help them stand apart from their competitors in the market.

What is the Cisco Channel Partner Program?

Cisco channel partner program is a widely recognized partner program in the networking industry.

Cisco partners receive various incentives and offer to streamline their business activities and deliver quality services to the customers, and Cisco also rewards them for providing a positive customer experience. As a partner, you receive training related to the latest Cisco technologies and access branding material and various product discounts.

There are three separate programs in the Cisco channel partner program: resale, managed services, and outsourcing, and each include a different set of offers.

What is the Objective of Cisco Partner Certification?

The primary goal of Cisco’s channel partner program is to deliver high-quality services to customers to satisfy their needs.

Cisco partner program analyzes and equips its partners to effectively deliver intelligent networks and technology architectures built on integrated products, services, and software platforms. It offers training to its partners about the current Cisco solutions and architecture and excellent branding solutions. The program is a mix of your expertise, best industry practices, and robust delivery solutions. It also offers several rewards for your organization to expand your Cisco business, and these rewards keep on increasing with your business expansion.

A few of the benefits of the partnership:

Increased flexibility: You can increase your sales by working with Cisco to best suit your business.

Showcase your USP: You can expand your business and demonstrate your unique offering.

Enhanced profitability: You get access to several new opportunities to accelerate your business growth throughout the program.

Simplified relationship: You can earn much more than the amount invested by properly utilizing the available offers.

Cisco Channel Partner Program Certification Levels

The Cisco partner program offers a flexible way to deliver value to your customers. You can portray the role of an integrator, provider, developer, or advisor irrespective of the certificate level. 

There are three primary certification levels, and two certifications are explicitly meant for large multinational organizations showcasing your level of expertise. 

Select: Partners who want to sell Cisco services to small and mid-sized businesses and individuals.

Certification Requirements:

  • As a Cisco certified Select partner you must have any of these specializations.
  • Networking Express
  • Collaboration Express
  • Video Express
  • Security Express
  • Data Center Express
  • Service Provider Express

Premier: This level offers partners expert support levels and access to extra best in class products.

Certification Requirements: As a Cisco certified Premier partner you must hold any specialization from the below mentioned categories.

Architecture Specializations

  • New advanced enterprise networks architecture
  • New advanced security architecture
  • Advanced collaboration architecture
  • Advanced data center architecture
  • Advanced service provider architecture

Technology Specializations

  • Advanced unified computing technology
  • Advanced unified fabric technology
  • Advanced unified access
  • Advanced core and WAN
  • Advanced service provider routing technology
  • Advanced service provider mobility technology
  • Advanced service provider optical technology
  • Advanced internet of things - connected safety and security
  • Advanced internet of things - industry expert
  • Advanced internet of things - manufacturing
  • Advanced video

Express Specializations

  • Express collaboration
  • Express foundation
  • Additional Requirements
  • 1 Hybrid IT service
  • 10 CSATs

Gold: This is the ultimate level offering partners the best support, industry recognition, and several rewards and offers. 

Certification Requirements:

Architecture Specializations

  • Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture (mandatory)
  • Advanced Security Architecture (mandatory)
  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture
  • Advanced Data Center Architecture
  • Advanced Service Provider Architecture

Additional Requirements

  • 4 CCIEs
  • 1 BVP
  • 30 CSATs
  • 4 Hybrid IT services, including; a minimum of 1 Cisco powered cloud service or Cisco cloud service and a minimum of 1 Cisco powered managed service or Cisco based managed service.

Cisco Channel Partner Program Specialization Levels

Three levels of specialization are required to gain access to partner certifications. These levels demonstrate channel partners' technology skillset.

Express: Cisco now offers a single Express specialization having multiple tracks, and this helps partners quickly learn about new technologies and implement them.  

Advanced: It is a mid-level specialization. Initially, the total number of advanced specializations was 13 and reduced to 6 by Cisco. It helps partners offer something different to their clients, thereby making them stand out from their counterparts. 

Master: Master networking is the top-level specialization by Cisco. It includes software, security, analytics, automation, and programmability, and it helps partners achieve the highest technical skillset. 

How to Become a Certified Cisco Partner?

You need to evaluate your current expertise, employee skills and specializations, and certification requirements. After this, you need to formulate a training plan with Cisco to acquire and maintain your desired partner level.

You can select from the classroom, online instructor-led, or personalized training to achieve your certification goals.

The Final Words

Here we have covered a significant overview of the Cisco channel partner program. You must also visit the official Cisco website to get more in-depth information and current information about its channel partner program.

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