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PMI-ACP vs PMP: Which is better for you? | CBTProxy

Mar 05, 20173 mins readCBT Proxy
PMI-ACP vs PMP: Which is better for you? | CBTProxy

Agile Certifies Practitioners (ACP) & Project Management Professional (PMP) are two accreditations that PMI offers in two different fields. PMP is related to Project Management, whereas ACP is related with the agile focus.

These are 2 other certifications, and both are related to different dimensions. So, if a candidate has confusion about the certificate to choose between the two, they are doing well in combination.

A candidate must have agile knowledge as well as the cycle of traditional knowledge. In the long run, both must be done.

Eligibility of these certifications

Who is eligible to be certified? The details are here.


  • The candidate should have 4500 hours of experience with the Bachelor’s degree or 7500 hours of experience with the High School Diploma.

  • The applicant must be 35 hours educated by Registered Education Provider PMP.


  • Candidate should have experience of 2000 hours in general.

  • 1500 hours performance with the agile methodologies acknowledgment with the agile project team.

  • Twenty-one hours of training in agile practices.

Which one should be done first?

To answer this question, we need to discuss the details of the certifications about which they are and what they offer. Some of the essential information about these two are given below.

1. Future Aspirations

One driver for the certification is the career goals and future aspirations. Moreover, a team leader performs to be a project manager after this certification. Similarly, a developer aspires to move towards the scrum master role.

It is highly vital to find out whether you need to be an Agile Practitioner and Project Manager. You can achieve your goal with this certification. It does not mean that a Project manager cannot go for agile technology or practices.

2. Current Organization Needs

It is essential to understand the current organization’s needs. An employee who has a track record to show, and there are experts to see your work. However, your organization needs an expert Project Manager, so the organization will hire a person with the certification of PMP because it gives a complete overview of the manager’s work. On the other hand, you will get agile training with ACP certification. Both certificates are suitable for you to step into a bright future.

3. Knowledge Horizons

From a knowledge perspective, PMP contains a big Horizon as it covers all dimensions of Project Management. Similarly, ACP focuses on agile. ACP discusses the details of elegant, and it helps in project management. Which one do you want to select? It depends on your interest in knowledge horizons. It works what you will like to do, and in which sector you are efficient.

4. Mind-Set Changes

Agile and Traditional Project Management is a mindset transition from managing to coaching and leading. It leads to self-organizing from controlling. So, a user needs to choose the best way. The choice depends on your preferences and interests.


Multiple aspects decide which certification must be your preference. So, it would help if you chose as per the needs of the current situation and recruitment industry.

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