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ITIL Examination Process

ITIL Examination Process

Feb 11, 20183 mins readCBT Proxy
ITIL Examination Process

The ITIL official website is not responsible for taking care of the administration and application for the ITIL exam. The ITIL owner has been handed over that examination administration to APMG and PeopleCert, internationally recognized companies. These companies will be responsible for conducting the ITIL examination and issuing of credentials.

The ITIL aspirants for the ITIL foundation credential will be needed to contacting the examination accredited institutes or ATO (Accredited Training Organizations) and for getting the ITIL certification.

Not like other famous credentials exams, there is no cost involved for the ITIL foundation examination because the ITIL has handed over the exam administration to the examination institutes or accredited training organizations. ATO might charge a small fee for their training program. And the exam fee probably up to 250 dollars.

ITIL Foundation Exam Structure:

ITIL foundation exam is offered in both paper‐based exam format as well as online exam format. ITIL exams is translated into a number of lingos. For both these formats, exam format is:

  • 1 hour duration
  • 40 questions per paper
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • 26 marks are needed to pass the exam

In the case of a web-based format exam, the results will come out immediately. On the other hand, paper-based exam results will be given after three days from the receipt of the ITIL examination paper. For the web‐based ITIL exam, a Score Report has been created immediately after the exam in the form of a soft copy of the ITIL Foundation Credential is being sent by the (ATO) International accredited Companies (APMG or PeopleCert) within two weeks of the time period.

ITIL Foundation Exam Preparation

  • Once you are done with attending the preparation training for ITIL Foundation Exam, you will have to start revising the study guide or material. Get thorough of the definitions, concepts, and processes.
  • You must assess yourself by attempting all the quizzes that are being provided at the end of each topic and revise those topics that you can not get right prior to taking the ITIL Foundation Exam.
  • Take out full-length tests of your own self. This will help you in managing your time more well for the exam of the ITIL Foundation.
  • Check out free full-length tests or the blogs that are available online. Practice material has always helped in the preparation of the ITIL Foundation Exam.

Who Can Sit in the ITIL Foundation Examination?

If you want to know about the requirements for taking the ITIL Exam, there is nothing special. If you are simply interested in informational technology service management and wish to secure your position in this area, you can attempt it. There are no specific requirements needed in order to attempt the ITIL exam. So, anybody can appear for the ITIL exam, your experience in IT Service Management will help you in producing more better results in the ITIL Foundation Exam.

When is the ITIL Foundation Examination Conducted? ITIL Foundation Exam can be conducted as both a paper-based and web-based exam and could be taken whenever you want to.

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